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PatientView – patient groups around the world appraise health apps

Posted on 8th October 2011 by
PatientView has distributed a report “What Do patients Think of Health Apps?”, a review by patient groups of health apps as tools for the self-management of patients medical conditions. See
It is fascinating to read of the variety of ways in which mobile phone apps can help people with many different conditions, including Asperger syndrome, epilepsy, haemophilia, hearing disorders and learning disabilities.
The report has been made available for download to those registered with PatientView, who have to respect copyright and not pass it outside their organisations.
David Botibol, Trustee

Perspective from a new trustee of impetus

Posted on 12th November 2008 by

Volunteering as a trustee at impetus is an extraordinary and amazing adventure! Who would have thought I would be training to use blogging to communicate. And social networking is a whole new world that will enable me to carry out the duties of a trustee in very creative and efficient ways. Well, I hope the Chair agrees.

Community University Partnership Project, CUPP

Posted on 26th September 2008 by

G’day comrades,

I had lunch with Dave Wolff, director of Brighton University CUPP, last Friday at Mithras House canteen. I didn’t go for the cod and chips on the menu because my scuba diving has demonstrated to me how seriously damaged the seas are by over fishing and cod is an endangered species.

CUPP carried out the evaluation of the Volunteer Centre for us free of charge. We have also worked closely with CUPP on the trustee recruitment project which Cynthia has spoken at two years running. So we have a pretty good working relationship.

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What I think the Blog can achieve

Posted on 26th September 2008 by

I have a vision, hope, delusion that we can improve and develop the bonding of our Impetus community using the blog and social networking.

At the moment most contact with volunteers goes up and down on a one to one basis with volunteer co-ordinators or project leaders. The exception to this will be office volunteers and staff who are likely mostly to get to know other people in the office.

The AGM and xmas party are good bonders as is the annual strategy day but this is likely to only touch the tip of the iceburg. I think an on line forum provides an opportunity for all Impetus members, staff and volunteers, to speak to each other and discuss issues that they consider important.

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