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Loneliness Awareness Week

Posted on 24th June 2019 by

Smiling people dancing

Last week was Loneliness Awareness Week and watching the social media wave has been amazing. As the wonderful Campaign To End Loneliness say, it wasn’t so long ago that loneliness was not recognised as the huge issue it is, and now it’s being widely talked about.

Since last week, I’ve seen articles and tweets highlighting things that can cause loneliness (health conditions, bereavement, poverty, workplace isolation, urban life, rural life and more) or caused by loneliness (higher levels of disease and disability). Social media is heralded as both the cause and the solution. And, brilliantly, it’s increasingly accepted that age doesn’t matter – loneliness is an Everybody Issue.

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Steve’s Story

Posted on 9th November 2017 by
'40 Shillings On The Drum' band

Me and the band want to give something back and raise awareness of the issue of loneliness and social isolation.

Brighton band ’40 Shillings On The Drum’ is supporting the Connect 4 Loneliness Campaign. Winners of Churchill Square’s Busk Stop competition last summer, the five-piece folk-rock band ooze positivity with their songs of life, love and friendship. While passionately believing in the benefits of being socially connected, they’re hoping to also raise awareness of the issue of loneliness which affects many and help raise money for Impetus.

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Not just for Christmas

Posted on 19th December 2016 by

Sparkle hope signs

Last year I was able to go on my Christmas break with a very positive story to tell for Christmas (see I had been on my own in the office when I received a phone call from a woman who was very concerned about her friend Gerry. His wife had died just over a year previously and he was living on his own in the top flat of a Hove terrace. He was very isolated. As Gerry was 94 and not very steady on his feet, she was worried that he might fall on the stairs (as his wife had done). Also, she was a shopkeeper and was very busy over the Christmas period so she couldn’t get to see Gerry as often as she liked.

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Two Good Things in a Day – Thanks to the Garfield Weston Foundation

Posted on 24th July 2014 by

Monday, 21st July, was a good day for the Neighbourhood Care Scheme (NCS). Volunteer Co-ordinator, Assuntina Cardillo-Zallo, and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the BBC Sussex radio presenter, Alison Ferns, during an outside broadcast from St John’s Day Centre in Hove. This was part of BBC Sussex’s day devoted to the theme of combatting loneliness. During the day, several NCS members and a volunteer were interviewed. However, the outside broadcast featured many groups engaged in activities to combat loneliness: St John’s Day Centre, of course; the Trust for Developing Communities, the Hangleton & Knoll Project, the LGBT Switchboard, a yoga teacher, and a singing group.

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Neighbourhood Care Scheme Featured in BBC Article on Loneliness

Posted on 23rd May 2014 by
Elaine & Miles

An older but lovely photo of Miles and Elaine
(more recent pictures on the BBC article)

Yesterday the BBC published an article titled “Loneliness: Beating the curse of old age” featuring Elaine Rothwell, a Neighbourhood Care Scheme (NCS) member, and her volunteer Miles Sigley-Brown. It gives us a small window into Elaine’s long and eventful life then highlights a big contrast: Elaine lives alone.

Elaine told BBC journalist, Nick Triggle, how she feels about her situation and how she gets on with her life despite the loneliness of older age. One major part of enjoying her life is her volunteer, Miles, who was matched with her by the NCS.

“[Elaine] has found comfort in a new friendship she has developed with Miles Sigley-Brown, a 46-year-old whom she was introduced to through a local befriending scheme.”

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