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RSS Updates Feed by email

Posted on 17th December 2008 by

Would you like to be sent updates of the Impetus blog and comments by daily email?

You could register with FeedBlitz at .
At the time of writing this is a free service.

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Good Evening Comrades!

Posted on 10th November 2008 by

Had a very cultured Saturday evening thanks to Janine Howlett – the marketing manager of The London Philharmonic Orchestra. If you were not aware Janine sent a special discount offer out to (ASpire) staff and volunteers to listen to the LPO perform Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 2 and Tchaikovsky Suite 3 at The Brighton Dome this weekend.

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The Impetus Strategy Day, 2008

Posted on 24th October 2008 by

I’m always anxious before strategy days. They are an important part of the life of our organisation and a lot of time and preparation goes into them. This year there was almost 30 people there. The theme was on promoting and sustaining volunteering and we looked both at what we are doing internally and what we want to do for the sector as a whole.

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Community University Partnership Project, CUPP

Posted on 26th September 2008 by

G’day comrades,

I had lunch with Dave Wolff, director of Brighton University CUPP, last Friday at Mithras House canteen. I didn’t go for the cod and chips on the menu because my scuba diving has demonstrated to me how seriously damaged the seas are by over fishing and cod is an endangered species.

CUPP carried out the evaluation of the Volunteer Centre for us free of charge. We have also worked closely with CUPP on the trustee recruitment project which Cynthia has spoken at two years running. So we have a pretty good working relationship.

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What I think the Blog can achieve

Posted on 26th September 2008 by

I have a vision, hope, delusion that we can improve and develop the bonding of our Impetus community using the blog and social networking.

At the moment most contact with volunteers goes up and down on a one to one basis with volunteer co-ordinators or project leaders. The exception to this will be office volunteers and staff who are likely mostly to get to know other people in the office.

The AGM and xmas party are good bonders as is the annual strategy day but this is likely to only touch the tip of the iceburg. I think an on line forum provides an opportunity for all Impetus members, staff and volunteers, to speak to each other and discuss issues that they consider important.

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Tumbleweed Moments

Posted on 19th September 2008 by

The blog is currently empty and only tumbleweed is blowing through.

Steve, Naomi, Sarah and Andrew – you are all now blog authors, which means that using your WordPress login you can write new posts and comment on ones that are already there.

What should we talk about on this blog? Maybe…

  1. Questions/thoughts/ideas about why and how we are doing this blog
  2. Stuff about the things you are doing in the projects you work on at Impetus
  3. Stuff about Impetus and the communities we work with
  4. Any questions about how to write posts or make comments on this blog
  5. Stuff about blogging & social networking in general
  6. Anything interesting!

Here we go!

Posted on 12th September 2008 by

Congratulations to Naomi who has become the Impetus Blog’s first Author and now feels the huge weight of expectation as we await her first contribution (only joking… or am I?).

Feel free to publish any thoughts or comments (however daft you might think they are) about the way in which we might involve people (our volunteers for example) in the use of a blog. Posts about the ‘real’ work we do are also important as they will hopefully become the bedrock of the blog…

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The Impetus Blog starts here

Posted on 11th September 2008 by

Welcome to the Impetus Blog, where members, staff, volunteers and others associated with the work of Brighton & Hove Impetus can get involved and discuss things.

Please feel free to post whatever you like as long as it isn’t rude, abusive or insulting. Any comments that make a positive contribution to the blog are welcomed as is anything personal, humorous, or otherwise unrelated. The idea of this blog is to connect the people who make up the communities we are all involved in.

I am Dave, the administrator of the Impetus Blog. I am helping out with the blog on a volunrtary basis and I am also the website & IT volunteer at Brighton and Hove Volunteer Centre, which is part of Impetus.

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