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Neighbourhood Care Scheme 20th Anniversary

Posted on 19th March 2018 by

Sean in Hanover Aug 1998

We’re excited to announce the upcoming 20th anniversary of our Neighbourhood Care Scheme (NCS). In May this year, the good neighbour befriending scheme run by Impetus will have been making connections between neighbours for two whole decades.

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Not No One

Posted on 18th November 2016 by

People hand in hand

Last month, in the space of a week, I dealt with five situations that really brought home to me the fact there are many people without close family or friends who have no one actively looking out for them as they struggle with frailty, depression and illness. This absence was a powerful factor as any physical illness in reducing their resilience and increasing the stress and anxiety — and loneliness — of their difficult lives.

In fact, in all these cases, the individuals did have someone — volunteers from the Neighbourhood Care Scheme. Here, briefly are some of the situations.

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Candles Burning

Posted on 17th November 2016 by


When Diana went into hospital for the last time, it was her Neighbourhood Care Scheme volunteer, Neil, who called the ambulance. He visited her regularly at the hospital, liaising with the doctors on her behalf. After a fortnight, she died from cancer at the age of 91.

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Neighbourhood Care Scheme expands into Moulsecoomb and Bevendean

Posted on 3rd November 2016 by

One in nine households in the Moulsecoomb area is inhabited by someone over 65 who lives alone

The Neighbourhood Care Scheme is delighted to announce that its award-winning befriending service is now available to the residents of Moulsecoomb and Bevendean. With recent statistics showing that the Moulsecoomb area has a higher than average percentage of older people living alone, this expansion feels all the more important.

Danielle at Moulsecoomb Community Leisure Centre

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Stella and Sheila – Fifteen Years of Laughing and Learning Together

Posted on 18th August 2016 by

Stella and Sheila NCS

We would like to congratulate Stella Salmon, one of our scheme members in North Laine, on reaching her hundredth birthday in August. Stella attributes her longevity to luck and time – though a continuing interest in learning and an abiding love of Schubert’s music might also have made a contribution. We wish Stella a lot more luck and time in which to enjoy the things she loves.

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Volunteers’ Week Day 11 — Sheila Wood

Posted on 11th June 2016 by

Sheila NCS at Palace

Volunteer’s Name: Sheila Wood

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Neighbourhood Care Scheme

What do they do?

Sheila is a long-serving volunteer who began volunteering with NCS in 2003, following the death of her husband.

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Volunteers’ Week Day 7 — Nellie Mills and Lucy Cross

Posted on 7th June 2016 by

Lucy Cross NCS

Volunteers’ Names: Nellie Mills and Lucy Cross — Duke of Edinburgh Volunteers

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Neighbourhood Care Scheme

What do they do?

Both Nellie and Lucy (pictured above) were only 14 and 15 respectively when they started with the Neighbourhood Care Scheme as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteering.

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Volunteers’ Week Day 6 — Zoe Lyons

Posted on 6th June 2016 by

Zoe Lyons NCS

Volunteer’s Name: Zoe Lyons

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Neighbourhood Care Scheme

What do they do?

Zoe got to know about the NCS through a community Awards Evening in Brighton that she was asked to host. Zoe was so impressed by all the hard work that ordinary members of the community were doing to make the lives of others better that she decided to volunteer. For the past 10 months, she has made weekly visits to a very elderly gentleman in his mid-90s who lives in the area.

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Posted on 3rd June 2016 by

NCS volunteer quote

Earlier this week, we learnt of the death of one our scheme members, Collette, at the age of 90. She had been with the Neighbourhood Care Scheme since 2001 when she referred herself while searching for a plumber. Even then she was beset by poor sight, poor mobility, heart disease and short-term memory problems. Over the years, several NCS volunteers had visited her. Jane began seeing her at the start of 2013. She sent us an e-mail, in which she wrote:

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Volunteers’ Week Day 3 — Guy Lloyd

Posted on 3rd June 2016 by

Juice FM DJ Guy Lloyd NCS

Volunteer’s Name: Guy Lloyd – Radio Presenter at Juice FM

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Neighbourhood Care Scheme

What do they do?

Guy volunteers with Impetus’ Neighbourhood Care Scheme and through this visits an elderly gentleman in the Hollingbury area once a week. The visits usually mean the two men meet up on the weekend, but it’s fairly flexible according to what else each of them is doing.

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