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Terry & Nick’s Story

Terry and Nick, NCS

You are the highlight of my week … I always look forward to our outings … You inspire me to do more

Nick is a volunteer with the Impetus Neighbourhood Care Scheme (NCS). He wrote the following about his visits to his scheme member, Terry.

Today, I drove to Kemp Town and I picked up Terry from his home, as I do once a week. We picked up a prescription and then drove to a speciality Tea café on St Georges Street and enjoyed a pot of exquisite Chinese Tea and a sumptuous Vegan cake.

We talked about his Pilates class, his time living in Thailand, his life as a designer, about cataloguing his photographs, documenting his personal history and my visit to India and China. I learned more about his skills, about his childhood in Lincolnshire and about his family. For nearly two hours we laughed, shared confidences and enjoyed the usual ebb and flow of conversation with a friend.

Terry is an 81 year old gentleman with poor health and sight, the result of a stroke, and with some mobility issues. The combined effect of these conditions have resulted in him being confined to his flat for long periods. Due to his sight he is unable to watch TV or read and his days can be long and boring which causes him to feel depressed.

When I signed up as a volunteer for Impetus it was because I believed I could help make someone’s life a little better. Giving a couple of hours every few weeks to provide some companionship for a lonely, isolated individual seemed an inconsequential use of my spare time to me and was a way of doing something for the local community. I had expected to bring some small solace into the life of the person I was assigned to visit. I had not expected to make a difference to someone’s life, neither had I expected to find a friend.

“You are the highlight of my week”, “I always look forward to our outings”, “I forget about my problems when I am with you”, “You inspire me to do more” are some of the comments Terry has made about the difference I have made to his life.

I have been visiting Terry for a year now and even though I no longer work for American Express I have continued to volunteer, and we meet once a week, rain or shine, to get him out of his home and find somewhere to have tea where he can share, with wit, energy and passion, stories of his fascinating life. As Terry’s senses diminish and his world gets smaller it is a privilege to be able to bring some joy and happiness into his life and I value the opportunity volunteering with Impetus has given me to know and be friends with this quirky, charming and interesting man.


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