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Working with local volunteers to support older people, people with physical disabilities and carers.

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Clare’s Volunteering

Clare and Pat NCS

It’s good to feel you are making a difference to someone’s life

I was already involved with Impetus as a Trustee but had more time available after my retirement and decided to volunteer with the Neighbourhood Care Scheme almost 18 months ago. I visit Pat in her home on a weekly basis for 2-3 hours and can honestly say she has become my friend and I really enjoy our time together.

Pat is just 90 and is struggling to come to terms with becoming less mobile, less independent and with a recent diagnosis of dementia. She lives alone and thrives on the company of others, and though she does have family not too far way and a few remaining friends she spends many hours alone and feeling isolated.

I enjoy our conversations about by-gone times and about the current state of the world. Pat has had, and continues to lead an interesting life and we spend time talking through her memories and looking at old photographs. She has a great sense of style and fun and I use her lovely objects and jewellery as prompts to help her reminisce. Pat tells me she enjoys my visits very much and looks forward to the time we spend together. She seems to enjoy our gossip, the way l help her when small problems arise and most of all the fact that we laugh together a lot!

Volunteering with NCS has for me been gratifying, enjoyable and fun. It’s good to feel you are making a difference to someone’s life, that you are part of a team of people who are offering support across our city and that you yourself have the help and support of the wonderful NCS team.

Pat says:

“You did me the biggest favour of my life. It was instant rapport and I’ve never had such a good friend in my life.”


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