We provide advocacy, support and information for adults with learning disabilities and autism.

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Who is Interact for?

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We provide free and independent advocacy to adult parents with a learning disability going through Child Protection Proceedings.


What is Advocacy?

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Getting information

Explaining info
Do you understand everything that is happening? An advocate can support you to find out whatever you need to know and make sure things are done in a way that makes sense to you.

Making choices

Making choices
Do you know all your options? An advocate will make sure you know what all your choices are and what the result of those choices might be. You may be asked tricky questions by professionals. An advocate can help you to work out your answers.

Getting your voice heard

SpeakingDo you feel you are not being listened to? An advocate will listen to you to find out what is important to you. They will help you to speak out to make sure your opinion is heard and respected. An advocate can say things for you if you want them to.

Support at meetings and appointments

Meeting handshake
Would you like someone to go to a meeting with you? An advocate can be with you in meetings and help you to prepare beforehand. An advocate can help you to communicate with professionals face to face, by phone or by email.

Having your rights upheld

Pointing at self, my rights
Are you being treated fairly? Your advocate can ensure that the professionals involved are doing things properly by law and that you are getting everything you are entitled to.

Getting more support

Would you like some other types of support? An advocate can help you find out what services are available locally so that you can access the support you need, for example practical, emotional or financial.

What to expect

Talking and listening
Once you have been allocated an Interact Advocate you would meet up with them to agree a plan about the things you would like help with. Your advocate will also explain to you that:

  • It is up to you if you want to meet with an Advocate or not. You can end support at any time.
  • Your Advocate is there only for you, to be on your side and help you aim for what you want.
  • You and your Advocate will usually meet one to one at the Interact offices, your home, or at a public space like a cafe. How often this happens is up to you.
  • Your Advocate will also attend any meetings or court dates that you want them to.
  • Your Advocate is independent, they do not work for Social Services or the police.
  • The things you talk about with your Advocate are private.
  • You do not have to pay for an Advocate.
  • Your Advocate will never tell you what to do or make judgements about you.

How to get an advocate

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Some names and/or images may be changed where necessary to protect the identities of those involved. Thanks for understanding.

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