We provide advocacy, support and information for adults with learning disabilities and autism.

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Welcome to Interact

Our advocates support some of the most vulnerable adults in our society to access appropriate services, help safeguard them and protect them from discrimination and unfair treatment, enable them to express their views and exercise better control over their lives.

Interact is funded by Brighton & Hove City Council to work with parents with learning disabilities who are involved in child protection proceedings, and by the Office of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner to work with people who have either a learning disability or an autistic spectrum condition who have been either a victim of, or a witness to, crime.

Advocacy seeks to ensure people have their voices heard on these important issues. Our advocates spend time with clients to make sure they understand what is happening, what the process they’re involved in means, and what they would like the outcome to be. Advocates can then represent the wishes of the client in meetings, in court, and in communicating on the client’s behalf directly with professionals. This makes sure that things are not simply happening to the client, and that the client’s views are heard throughout these often extremely complex processes.

3 reasons to choose Interact

  1. If you’re not being listened to

    Our clients often feel that no matter what they say people do not listen — an advocate makes sure everyone pays attention to your views.

  2. If you don’t understand

    If the process is too complicated, if people aren’t giving you information that you can easily understand, or if there are just too many things to keep track of, an advocate can help.

  3. If you think it isn’t fair

    Sometimes the decisions that are made do not take all your rights into account — even professionals make mistakes — so an advocate can help make sure your rights are respected and you get what you’re entitled to.


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Ensuring voices are heard

Our advocacy service supports people with learning disabilities to ensure their voices are heard. We work with a wide variety of advocacy needs, specialising in supporting parents through child protection proceedings.

Supporting some of the most marginalised and disadvantaged people in our community, our advocacy service helps people:

  • That formal services and systems sometimes overlook
  • Who may feel isolated in their own home or residential homes
  • Who lack the confidence or ability to speak up for themselves, perhaps because they have been ignored or abused in the past
  • Who have lost faith in services
  • Who are unaware that services and support exist

Please visit our get support page to get in contact with us if you feel like you need our support.

We are a member of the Brighton and Hove Advocacy Partnership. The Partnership brings together a unique combination of specialist advocacy providers to deliver an integrated advocacy service across Brighton and Hove: Mind in Brighton & Hove; Brighton & Hove Speak Out; Brighton & Hove Impetus; Age UK Brighton & Hove and Possability People. Advocacy provided by the partnership includes Specialist Community Advocacy and Independent Advocacy under the Care Act 2014.

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We adhere to the Advocacy Code of Practice:
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Victim & Witness

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Victims of Crime

Our Victim & Witness service helps people with learning disabilities or autistic spectrum conditions who have been victims or witnesses to crimes. The criminal justice system can be extremely difficult and intimidating to navigate — by providing people with a trained advocate we are able to ensure their voice is heard. We also do a large amount of educational work, helping vulnerable people prevent themselves from becoming a victim of crime in the first place.

With funding from the Office of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, we can support you if you have been the victim or witness of a crime. Our specialist advocate can support you through the criminal justice system, ensuring that you understand the proceedings and are able to make your voice heard. This can include how to report things to the police, help giving evidence in court, or signing up to services like the Pegasus card to help the police help you if you ever need it.

Please visit our get support page to get in contact with us if you feel like you need our support.


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Interact provides training workshops throughout the year on a wide range of topics including benefits awareness, preventing domestic violence, how to report crimes to the police, and stress and wellbeing.

Currently Scheduled Courses

We currently have no scheduled courses, please check back later or send an email to to register your interest.

Training for Professionals

We also provide bespoke training for professionals and organisations on a wide range of topics related to learning disabilities including basic awareness training, communication methods, and support for frontline workers. To discuss any training requirements contact us on 01273 229008.


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Could you be an advocate?

Our advocacy team includes a number of volunteer advocates, working on a small number of cases to support the wider needs of our clients. Often people have complex cases needing more than one kind of advocacy, including help dealing with problems with their housing or benefits. Our volunteers work alongside our paid advocates to act holistically and help with many aspects of a client’s needs at once, ensuring one area doesn’t fall into crisis while the client’s focus is on their main issue.

If you’d like to learn more about what’s involved in being an advocate please visit our volunteer page for a full role description, or contact us on 01273 229008.


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Please note: 
Some names and/or images may be changed where necessary to protect the identities of those involved. Thanks for understanding.

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