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Did you know that some people in Brighton & Hove feel lonely and isolated each and every day?
In fact, Brighton & Hove has one of the highest rates of loneliness in the UK. Shocking isn’t it?

The impact of loneliness

Loneliness and isolation makes people more prone to depression and can be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Being friendless in our City also makes older people twice as unhealthy as being obese but loneliness can hit anyone, at any age.

44,000 people, 23 per street, live alone
• 1/3 are over 65
70% of people we help say isolation is the most difficult aspect of their life.

“It is a lifeline. Some mornings I feel so miserable but then I think ‘she’s coming round’ and I feel better. I don’t know what I would do without her.”

The Yellow Rose Campaign

The yellow rose symbolises friendship and sharing the flower shows that you care.

The campaign launch coincided with the UN International Day of Friendship on Sunday 30 July 2017.

On that day and throughout August, at events and on social media, we promoted the power of friendship, inclusion and community as well as raised funds for Impetus. We are grateful

“We want to spread awareness about the vital impact even a small gesture can make to vulnerable people who are lonely or isolated.”

Why we need you

Everyone feels lonely or isolated from time to time.

But many people who live in our City are socially isolated all the time and their voices are often unheard. The services we provide connect people to reduce isolation and loneliness: Befriending, Advocacy, Volunteering and Social Prescribing.

We currently support:
 1,000 people city-wide every year with
 300 trained volunteers who provide
 11,000 hours of support.

But there is more to be done and many more people to help! Support the Yellow Rose Campaign because you care and agree that no one should be isolated and lonely in our City.

“I find volunteering with Impetus is greatly rewarding, you learn about yourself, about people and about life.”

How you can help

Your support will help transform the lives of lonely and isolated people in the city.

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“I urge everyone to think about someone who may be lonely and support our Yellow Rose Campaign.”

Your donation will support thousands of lonely and isolated people who need your help in Brighton & Hove.

Thank you for your support!

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