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The Impetus Strategy Day, 2008

Posted on 24th October 2008 by

I’m always anxious before strategy days. They are an important part of the life of our organisation and a lot of time and preparation goes into them. This year there was almost 30 people there. The theme was on promoting and sustaining volunteering and we looked both at what we are doing internally and what we want to do for the sector as a whole.

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LAA – so that’s what it’s all about…

Posted on 23rd October 2008 by

Impetus Strategy Day yesterday – I’m sure that Steve will have more to say about the content and usefulness. For me, the most inspiring part of the day was actually understanding what the Local Area Agreement (LAA) is after many months of being supposed to know what it’s all about but never understanding the jargon, fluffy language and sector speak.

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Life in the sector = fundraising?

Posted on 17th October 2008 by

So much development time goes into fund-raising when you are a part of the voluntary sector. We get ecstatic when someone recognises the benefits of our work and give us a grant to continue or extend it. But the reality is that a large proportion of time has to go in to fund-raising just to keep the same levels of service. We always have to plan for the next funding cliff edge.

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PQASSO Peer Reviewer

Posted on 6th October 2008 by

I recently attended the PQASSO ( Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations) Peer Reviewer 3-day Training Course held at the Charities Evaluation Services in London. A very challenging and stimulating course! The result is that I am now a Registered Peer Reviewer.

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Interact New Volunteer Advocate – Pauline Aherne

Posted on 6th October 2008 by

Welcome to Pauline, Interact’s new Volunteer Advocate! Pauline starts her training on her return from holiday and is looking forward to meeting local people with learning difficulties. Pauline will be working with groups initially promoting their self-advocacy skills. She has considerable experience as a trainer and is currently a trustee of Sussex Oakleaf.

We looking forward to working with Pauline.

ASpire Funding Success!!

Posted on 6th October 2008 by

ASpire – mentoring for adults with Asperger Syndrome – has been awarded £29,000 over two years, from the Lloyds TSB Foundation, to fund a new Project Worker post (2 days per week).

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People’s Millions – Save a life

Posted on 3rd October 2008 by

Alison has applied to the Lottery  – People’s Millions – for £34,000 to pay a volunteer co-ordinator to get people with mental health issues into volunteering. There is loads of research to show that volunteering really helps mental health. We also know from the Equalities Audit commissioned by the Council that mental health is a severe issue in many parts of the City.

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as promised – my beautiful italian bug

Posted on 1st October 2008 by

My Contributions and About Me

Posted on 26th September 2008 by

Hi All, I’ve agreed to try and write something every weekfor the blog. This will help keep you all up to date with what is happening with me and Impetus at the moment. I will probably do this mostly on Friday afternoons. So I thought it might be useful to start something about myself. I am the Chief Executive of Impetus. I have been in community work and social work for 35 years now.

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Annual General Meeting

Posted on 26th September 2008 by

Thanks to all of our volunteers who attended the AGM on Wednesday. It is one of our annual opportunities for our fantastic, wonderful, loverly volunteers to get together. We don’t do guest speakers and invite loads of outsiders. We prefer to run it as an Impetus family gathering. I would be interested in your views on it though. Was it interesting? Boring? How could we improve it? What are your ideas? Give me your feedback and thoughts on any aspect of it.

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