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Neighbourhood Care Scheme – Sponsored Something or other

Posted on 28th January 2009 by

I heard yesterday that someone is doing a sponsored walk or run or something to raise money for the Neighbourhood Care Scheme. Unfortunately the details weren’t to hand, so I couldn’t sign up to it. It sounds like something a lot of us might like to support. Please don’t be shy! If you’re seeking sponsorship, potential sponsors need to know who you are, what the event is, how the payments will be related to your efforts, and how to register their support.

Wouldn’t this blog be a good place to share the information?

Marketing and all that

Posted on 23rd January 2009 by

I was interviewed today by the Media Trust which is a charity that supports other charities marketing. It is a really excellent organisation so I was happy to give an hour of my time on the phone. The upshot was that I learnt a lot about the areas of internal and external communications that they think are important. The positive side was that I could honestly give us 10 out of 10 for our website, the work we have done around social networking, our logo, graphics and consistency. I could also give us 10/10 for staff and volunteer involvement.

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Back 2 Work

Posted on 9th January 2009 by

I had a great holiday. 2 weeks away was so restfull after a period of catching all the bugs going around, real recuperation. Went to ecoChateau for a couple of days. It is a bit run down but there is 18.5 acres of land and the countryside around is so rural. Spent a lot of time chopping logs for the fire as it was pretty cold. Charlie is going to build some yurts for camping in the summer. I plan to go back then. Also spent a lot of time playing my sax. Had a new mouthpiece which is great and have been listening to Clifford Brown. He was really tallented and only 25 when he died in a car accident. 40 years on people still love his music. Coming back to work there is still a lot of illness around. Back to promoting the volunteering strategy and looking forward to seeing new trustees on the board.

Have a great solstice holiday

Posted on 19th December 2008 by

I’m off the France tomorrow on the ferry to check out Charlie Turner’s chateau for a couple of days. This year has flown by but it feels like we have made a lot of progress. Thanks to paid and unpaid staff and all of our friends and partners for your support this year. I feel very privileged to work for Impetus and with such a dedicated group of people.

RSS Updates Feed by email

Posted on 17th December 2008 by

Would you like to be sent updates of the Impetus blog and comments by daily email?

You could register with FeedBlitz at .
At the time of writing this is a free service.

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The Local Strategic Partnership

Posted on 15th December 2008 by

Most of you will know that I was elected as a sector rep to the LSP.  The LSP coordinates a number of subject specific partnerships and, as the senior cross sector strategic partnership for the city, has little or no time for going into great detail on any issue. This quarter we discussed the impact of the economic downturn on the City and what is being done to offset the problems.

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Taking Account: A Social and Ecomic Audit of the Third Sector in Brighton and Hove

Posted on 9th December 2008 by

Passing on news of ‘Taking Account: A Social and Ecomic Audit of the Third Sector in Brighton and Hove’.

See .

The report shows the major role played by charities and voluntary groups. A featured Case Study is Impetus’ own Neighbourhood Care Scheme. According to the report, this “shows how volunteers can contribute to the simultaneous development of human, social and cultural capital”.

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Write ups of our 2008 Strategy Day

Posted on 4th December 2008 by

Hello everyone

The write-ups from our 2008 Strategy Day are now available for you to view. Everything that was discussed on the day is rounded up in Alison’s

Summary of the Impetus Strategy Day

In turn, the summary contains links to all the presentations given on the day. (Staff members can access all of the documents on the shared drive).

Read and enjoy!

People’s Millions

Posted on 1st December 2008 by

Hi Everyone

I’m sure you all know by now that unfortunately we lost out on the People’s Millions funding. Whilst it’s disappointing, the whole process has given good coverage to the Volunteer Centre and volunteering (and Tom’s Sandwich Bar!) and the support for the project has been really good. We’ll keep putting the bids in!

Thanks to everyone for their support.


Perspective from a new trustee of impetus

Posted on 12th November 2008 by

Volunteering as a trustee at impetus is an extraordinary and amazing adventure! Who would have thought I would be training to use blogging to communicate. And social networking is a whole new world that will enable me to carry out the duties of a trustee in very creative and efficient ways. Well, I hope the Chair agrees.

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