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ASpire in the Architecture

Posted on 22nd August 2009 by

Next month Brighton & Hove Open Door offers over 150 events and activities, more than ever before. It is part of the National Heritage Open Days.

You can visit free of charge lots of interesting and beautiful buildings buildings that usually charge for entry or are closed to the public. There are many guided tours that you need to book for, and some visits that you needn’t book.

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Volunteering Strategy

Posted on 17th July 2009 by

The first draft has been produced of the City Volunteering Strategy. Alison has worked really hard to produce this to the deadline. When writing a big strategy like this the issue is always about making sense of a large amount of information. The final version will have some changes in it, primarily in showing how volunteering helps the City reach many of the targets in the Community Plan. This document will have a major impact on the strategic development of volunteering in the City for several years to come.

Health and Social Care Awards 2009

Posted on 30th June 2009 by


On 16th June 2009 the Neighbourhood Care Scheme attended the regional finals of the South East Coast NHS Health and Social Care awards, at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. Sadly Susan was on holiday so unable to attend but Sean, Keith (one of our volunteers), Naomi and Ruth dressed up for the night, and went for the experience, thrilled to be shortlisted for the regional finals.

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ASpire Duke of York’s screening

Posted on 26th June 2009 by

ASpire will be holding a private screening of the film ‘Adam’, which features a man with Asperger Syndrome and his relationship with a non-AS woman.

The date is to be confirmed, but looks likely to be in September or October, when the film is released in the UK. It will take place at the Duke of York’s Cinema in Brighton.

Still from the film Adam

Still from the film Adam

This is going to be a fundraising event and thanks go to the efforts of Jo and Jamie, our events fundraising volunteers for their work in this area.

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Impetus in the 1st Brighton Marathon

Posted on 26th June 2009 by

Impetus has charity places available for people who would like to run the 1st Brighton Marathon and raise sponsorship on our behalf. This exciting event, which is intended to be held on an annual basis in the city, will help to raise funds and profiles of local charities. The date for your diaries is 18th April 2010.

We are currently working on the details of our sponsored places programme and would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in knowing more – email See for more details of the race.

Good News on Phones

Posted on 12th June 2009 by

We have been in something of a battle with our phone provider, Systemcare UK, for the past year. Without our knowledge we were moved over to a voice over internet system (VOIP) which was/is very poor quality and has led to significant loss of connectivity. We thought we were just being put on a new tariff. On one occasion our calls were all being routed to one of Systemcare’s other customers in Kent. It took them two weeks to sort it out. If the router loses connectivity then people cannot get through to us. We often don’t know about this until we try and ring out or someone emails us to tell us they can’t get through. I won’t bore you with a long list of problems. We had also been tied into a seven year contract. I did go through the complaints procedure and then the appeal procedure with no satisfaction. I then went to the ombudsman. We have just had a provisional judgement which instructs Systemcare to terminate our contract. This is excellent news for us.

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The Recession Hits Impetus

Posted on 24th April 2009 by

I have been involved in a number of discussions about how the recession will affect local charities and how infrastructure organisations like ours can help them. Our Performance Development Service will have an important role here. One of the biggest issues is fund-raising of course. The NCVO research claims that third sector organisations often do okay in recessions. However we have already lost a small amount of income from our high interest bank account. Income from that source is now almost negligible. More importantly two of our recent trust fund applications replied to us that they really liked our applications but that, due to the recession, they were not making any more grants to organisations that are not already funded by them. Although the government is putting money into the economy to help get it going this seems to be in the banking and manufacturing sectors. We live in interesting times!

Volunteering Strategy

Posted on 6th April 2009 by

A number of us have been working hard on developing the Volunteering Strategy for the City. Thanks to everyone for your input so far.

The strategy will be important, not just for us but for the City and volunteering. Hopefully it will be a start in identifying barriers across the City to volunteering as well as highlighting the essential role that volunteering plays in providing social cohesion. My personal mission is to get more agencies to take volunteering far more seriously.

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The Neighbourhood Care Scheme’s most successful year

Posted on 31st March 2009 by

This year has been a very busy one for the Neighbourhood Care Scheme and more than 80 new volunteers have been recruited in the last twelve months.

The scheme now has around 200 volunteers and 500 scheme members on its books. In the last quarter of 2008 the support provided by the scheme’s volunteers amounted to more than 2,000 hours

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Invitation to 10 Downing Street

Posted on 31st March 2009 by

Number 10 Downing StreetOn Tuesday 10th March, 2009 the Neighbourhood Care Scheme was invited to a Mentoring and Befriending Foundation Celebration at No. 10 Downing Street hosted by the Prime Minister’s wife Sarah Brown.

Project Leader Sean de Podesta was accompanied by scheme member Silmore Johnson and scheme volunteer Francesca Ferrari. Althought it didn’t provide a chance to influence government policy, the day was an important recognition of the work of the Neighbourhood Care Scheme and emphasized the scheme’s visibility – an important factor in its aim of being a beacon of good practice.

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