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Using the Internet

Posted on 19th January 2010 by

We have been working closely with the Red Foundation recently to research the benefits of promoting volunteering through social networking (the term for contacting other people through the Internet)  sites such as Facebook and twitter. Dave Adams, who used to be one of our volunteers, is currently working on a Facebook page for the Volunteer Centre. The Red Foundation have just set up their own social networking site

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Snow and ice

Posted on 8th January 2010 by

Although the media have portrayed the current weather as a catastrophe there is no doubt that there have also been elements of seasonal fun. At Impetus we are able to access our e-mail from home. I’ve also thought it important that people try not to get into the office if there is any risk involved.

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a visit to eco-Chateau

Posted on 5th January 2010 by

I visited Charlie Turners ambitious social enterprise in France over Christmas.
There is still a lot of work to do there. I very much admire Charlie’s vision and determination. We spent a long time talking about European funding and I’m hoping that we can look into the possibility of funding volunteering in the city. There may be potential links between the Volunteer Centre and eco-Chateaux whereby Impetus can set up and deliver volunteers to help with the refurbishment.

Systemcare UK – Phones

Posted on 23rd October 2009 by

I wrote earlier about problems we were having with our phone company and that the company employed by the ombudsman had ruled in our favour. Systemcare is currently challenging the Ombudsman decision. The investigator was only able to make a decision in relation for sums up to £5,000. His decision was for much more than this as the annual cost £8,400 before calls and the decision affects 6 years.

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Volunteer Strategy, the recession,

Posted on 21st October 2009 by

Attended the Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee yesterday to present the draft of the volunteer strategy. The meetings are broadcast live on the internet. I spoke about volunteering not being the icing on the cake but being an essential part of what makes society work. The strategy is about changing the way the City delivers services taking that issue into account. It was very well received. The Councillors thought having a strategy was a very good thing and felt that the work that had gone into this one was clear from the result. They were interested in the whole area of job substitution. I said that we will be publishing a paper on this issue. There are questions that I think commissioners could usefully ask themselves in the recession about volunteering.
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Adam Film

Posted on 7th October 2009 by

As with David I thought the ASpire team and the fundraising team did a fantastic job on Friday. I really enjoyed the film. I was interested in David’s comment. I would like to see a critical assessment of the film, especially from people with AS. Although the film gave insights many documentaries fail to give my concern is that we end up with steriotypes that do not explain the diversity of personalities of people with AS. I think that the film did attempt to tackle the issue of lack of social skills and empathy but I thought some of Adam’s characteristics were a bit exagerated. Would he have been attractive to the woman in the film? She was a “rescuer” type but this did not come out that clearly in her behaviours.

Charlie Jordan has died today.

Posted on 15th September 2009 by

It was with extreme sadness that I heard of Charlie Jordan’s death this morning of a massive heart attack. Charlie had had an attack a while back when he was at his place in France and since then had lost weight, stopped smoking and was cycling daily.

Charlie was a larger than life figure in the voluntary sector. He was the chief executive of PACT, later to become Impact Initiatives, for the first ten years of its life taking it from a newly formed organisation to a well run community development charity with over £1 million turnover. He negotiated the purchase of a convent to set up Emmaus in Portslade. This he did purely in his own time. He ran a lot of other initiatives that had an effect on people’s lives, among them the AllTogether programme, an action research programme that had a massive impact on a lot of people’s personal and professional development, including our Sarah Hendrickx.

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The Volunteer Centre broadcasts on Radio Reverb

Posted on 11th September 2009 by

Radio Reverb 97.2fmOn Thursday 13th August, Jo Harper (the Volunteer Centre Co-Ordinator) and Maxine Taylor (one of our newest volunteers) were invited on to  Radio Reverb’s One World Community show to talk about the work we do at Brighton and Hove Volunteer Centre.

During the interview Jo and Max talked eloquently about how the Volunteer Centre helps people in Brighton and Hove to find a wide variety of opportunities for pariticipation and voluntary work.

It was a very professional and informative performance from Jo and Max, particularly considering that Max had only recently joined us. They were great ambassadors for the VC and Impetus… well done! You can hear the interview using Radio Reverb’s ‘Listen Again’ feature by clicking here, click here:

ASpire screening of ‘Adam’ – Friday 2nd October

Posted on 2nd September 2009 by

Duke of York's Cinema, Brighton

The date of the special Aspire screening of the film ‘Adam’ at the Duke of York Cinema, Brighton has been confirmed as Friday 2nd October at 6.30pm.

Tickets for the screening are available online at:

The film focuses on a man with Asperger syndrome forming a relationship with the woman who lives upstairs from him. So, come along and help us raise some money for Aspire’s mentoring work with adults with Asperger syndrome.

Architecture comes to Market

Posted on 30th August 2009 by

Those who picked up on the Architecture/Asperger/Brunswick/Regency link theme in my last post may be interested to rejoin the trail in October. It visits the Old Market, a nearby 1828 listed building beautifully restored in 1999 as a performance venue.

On 7th October the Regency Society has scheduled a lecture there on the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh and speculates on the possibility that Mackintosh may have had Asperger’s. See

The Regency Society does explore further afield, too, and a few days earlier on 4th October joins with other local societies on a coach from Brighton and Hove to visit Dorney Court and Eton College.

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