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Soul of the City Choir

Posted on 18th April 2019 by

We are delighted to be Soul of the City‘s charity partner for the year. It’s wonderful to be linking with such a dynamic, inclusive, like-minded organisation that brings people and communities together to enjoy singing, have fun and improve wellbeing. In our befriending and social prescribing work to connect people to reduce isolation and loneliness, we believe no one should be isolated or feel lonely in a city as active, vibrant and positive as ours.

Check out the choir’s awesome cover of ‘Shake it Out’ by Florence & The Machine:

Soul of the City Choir – Shake it Out from Tilt on Vimeo.

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Fundraising partnerships

Posted on 11th April 2019 by
Chatty Bus at University of Sussex

Brighton & Hove Buses ‘Chatty Bus’ launch at University of Sussex

We’re really delighted to announce fundraising partnerships with these like-minded local organisations for our 20th anniversary year!

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Changes ahead

Posted on 11th April 2019 by
Jo with Business Women of the Year award

Jo Crease, CEO

Over the next few months, Impetus is reshaping its work to respond to growing demand and the challenges of a fast-changing city. This will include focusing our work on tackling and preventing isolation and loneliness.

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Fantastic February and March Winds (Leila, part 7)

Posted on 4th April 2019 by

Leila and Halima

Leila has been a member of our Neighbourhood Care Scheme since 2011. In this regular series, Leila shares her thoughts and experiences with us. Thank you Leila!


Lots happened in February and it was a time of extremes. The changes in my care meant I was plunged into a world of being cared for by strangers. I was very ill and my mobility suffered a severe blow. I was bedbound for the whole of the month and in severe pain.

During this time, I was so grateful for my two volunteers who visited regardless of the mess I found myself in. I was in a dark place, but their visits brought sunshine, happiness and smiles. I think laughing was a bit too much to expect, but for a couple of hours every week, I was immersed into familiarity and safety. My family visited a few times, but their minds were focused on problem solving and helping me physically. My volunteers afforded me light hearted chit-chat, time to relax, and made me tea and coffee – something I was incapable of doing myself.

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Social prescribing brings a real buzz to Brighton #SocialPrescribing19

Posted on 13th March 2019 by

Impetus Community Navigation hosted the first Brighton and Hove conference to consider the role and future of social prescribing. This fully-booked event on 7th March 2019 welcomed over 150 people from the voluntary sector, primary care and NHS commissioning.

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Social prescribing, the future for health and wellbeing #SocialPrescribing19

Posted on 4th March 2019 by

You might have heard of social prescribing in the news recently – such as this article from BBC Health – but do you know what it means?

People doing social and healthy activities

In January 2019, NHS England announced that it would fund 1,000 social prescribing workers to ease the workload of GPs and improve people’s health and wellbeing. This has caused a buzz around social prescribing, but while it has become more widely known it’s still important to explain the term. Let’s break it down!

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December Diary and Happy New Year (Leila, part 6)

Posted on 28th February 2019 by


Leila has been a member of our Neighbourhood Care Scheme since 2011. In this regular series, Leila shares her thoughts and experiences with us. Thank you Leila!


In December, the lifts in my block of flats were down. At first it was purely an annoyance. I set about cleaning and my Daughter’s family helped put up the Christmas decorations. We baked mince pies, my Granddaughter helped make some sourdough shapes and we painted them to go on the tree. I was busy wrapping presents and double checking there were plenty of Xmas cards to give out. I may have been stuck indoors, but I was busy and happy.

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Neighbourhood Care Scheme – December update

Posted on 20th December 2018 by

Neighbourly good will keeps flowing!
Since January, the Neighbourhood Care Scheme has recruited 117 new volunteers (not including our 39 Casserole Club Cooks). This means 2018 is the fourth year running in which we have recruited over 100 new volunteers. It is a constant encouragement to all the staff here to engage with so many people who want to connect with their isolated neighbours.

We would like to say thank you to all our volunteers. We know what a difference you make to so many people.

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Supporting and Fundraising – December update

Posted on 20th December 2018 by


Easy fundraising
Some of our supporters are keen to develop easy and fun ways to fundraise; such as bake-offs, cake sales, coffee mornings, clothes swaps, quiz nights, dining evenings, hosting film viewings and ‘Strictly’ gatherings. Even organising birthday celebrations asking friends to make a donation instead of presents. All these ideas are brilliant and we do have a Supporter Ideas help sheet which is available to download.

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The Impetus Winter Reception

Posted on 20th December 2018 by

We were delighted to welcome over 100 guests to our Winter Reception at the Fabrica Gallery on Thursday 13 December 2018. We organised the celebratory event to also raise awareness and support of Impetus’ vital work and services to reduce loneliness and isolation in our city.

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