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Volunteer Policy and the 3R promise

Posted on 11th June 2013 by
Impetus, along with numerous other organisations, signed up to the 3R promise championed by Volunteering England. We promised to endeavor to get it RIGHT from the beginning, offer means to achieve RECONCILIATION if things go wrong, and accept RESPONSIBILITY for our volunteers and their well-being.
From May 2013, this promise is now enshrined in the Impetus Volunteer Policy, which is published on the website. Expectations are set out for the relationships between Impetus and our volunteers.

PatientView – patient groups around the world appraise health apps

Posted on 8th October 2011 by
PatientView has distributed a report “What Do patients Think of Health Apps?”, a review by patient groups of health apps as tools for the self-management of patients medical conditions. See
It is fascinating to read of the variety of ways in which mobile phone apps can help people with many different conditions, including Asperger syndrome, epilepsy, haemophilia, hearing disorders and learning disabilities.
The report has been made available for download to those registered with PatientView, who have to respect copyright and not pass it outside their organisations.
David Botibol, Trustee

Consultation on services for adults with autistic spectrum conditions

Posted on 6th January 2011 by

There is a consultation opportunity for those adults with autistic spectrum conditions to pass on their views about needs and local services. An online questionnaire is available on the city council’s consultation portal at: .

The questionnaire is quite wide-ranging and includes questions about  ASpire, ASSERT, Autism Sussex and Rookery (Hove). I hope that a lot of people do express their views through this survey, and that we get to see published some interesting analysis of the responses.

Happy New Year, y’all!


City Council Scrutiny Panel on Services for Adults with Autistic Spectrum Conditions

Posted on 18th September 2010 by

A Scrutiny Panel on Services for Adults with Autistic Spectrum Conditions has been set up by Brighton & Hove City Council to develop a local response to the first National Autism Strategy.
See .

The needs of adults with autistic spectrum conditions will be the subject of a public meeting on Friday September 24 from 10am to noon at Hove Town Hall.

Impetus Policies

Posted on 7th April 2010 by

Volunteer Policy and procedures after a minor amendment to wording. Also adopted was a new Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure which aims to help people to raise any serious concerns they might have about Impetus with confidence and without having to worry about being victimised, discriminated against or disadvantaged in any way as a result.

Impetus Volunteer Policy

Posted on 12th March 2010 by

Impetus has for some time had a Volunteer Policy. It relies upon the same Grievance Procedure, Disciplinary Procedure and Capability Procedure as were written for staff. Staff are governed by employment relations law, whereas volunteers are not. To keep up with changes in the law, the Grievance Procedure and Disciplinary Procedure need changing.

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Architecture comes to Market

Posted on 30th August 2009 by

Those who picked up on the Architecture/Asperger/Brunswick/Regency link theme in my last post may be interested to rejoin the trail in October. It visits the Old Market, a nearby 1828 listed building beautifully restored in 1999 as a performance venue.

On 7th October the Regency Society has scheduled a lecture there on the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh and speculates on the possibility that Mackintosh may have had Asperger’s. See

The Regency Society does explore further afield, too, and a few days earlier on 4th October joins with other local societies on a coach from Brighton and Hove to visit Dorney Court and Eton College.

ASpire in the Architecture

Posted on 22nd August 2009 by

Next month Brighton & Hove Open Door offers over 150 events and activities, more than ever before. It is part of the National Heritage Open Days.

You can visit free of charge lots of interesting and beautiful buildings buildings that usually charge for entry or are closed to the public. There are many guided tours that you need to book for, and some visits that you needn’t book.

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Neighbourhood Care Scheme – Sponsored Something or other

Posted on 28th January 2009 by

I heard yesterday that someone is doing a sponsored walk or run or something to raise money for the Neighbourhood Care Scheme. Unfortunately the details weren’t to hand, so I couldn’t sign up to it. It sounds like something a lot of us might like to support. Please don’t be shy! If you’re seeking sponsorship, potential sponsors need to know who you are, what the event is, how the payments will be related to your efforts, and how to register their support.

Wouldn’t this blog be a good place to share the information?

RSS Updates Feed by email

Posted on 17th December 2008 by

Would you like to be sent updates of the Impetus blog and comments by daily email?

You could register with FeedBlitz at .
At the time of writing this is a free service.

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