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Loneliness Awareness Week

Posted on 24th June 2019 by

Smiling people dancing

Last week was Loneliness Awareness Week and watching the social media wave has been amazing. As the wonderful Campaign To End Loneliness say, it wasn’t so long ago that loneliness was not recognised as the huge issue it is, and now it’s being widely talked about.

Since last week, I’ve seen articles and tweets highlighting things that can cause loneliness (health conditions, bereavement, poverty, workplace isolation, urban life, rural life and more) or caused by loneliness (higher levels of disease and disability). Social media is heralded as both the cause and the solution. And, brilliantly, it’s increasingly accepted that age doesn’t matter – loneliness is an Everybody Issue.

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Rachel Butt, Outstanding Advocate!

Posted on 20th October 2016 by

Rachel with Outstanding Advocate award

Congratulations to Rachel Butt, our Interact Senior Advocate working with parents with learning disabilities, who has been honoured with the Outstanding Advocate award at the inaugural National Advocacy Awards.

Rachel works with parents with learning disabilities in Brighton & Hove, many of whom struggle to get the support they need to care for their child. Advocacy helps people say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and obtain services they need.

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National Advocacy Awards here we come!

Posted on 12th October 2016 by

We’re on tenterhooks here in the office as four of our staff team are travelling up to Birmingham for the National Advocacy Awards. We are delighted that Impetus staff and services were shortlisted in two separate categories, looking forward to the winners being announced tonight.

National Advocacy Awards logo

Our Interact Senior Advocate Rachel B is in the final three for Outstanding Advocate Award.

The organisers say: This category recognises people who truly make a difference to the world through their advocacy practice. We are looking to celebrate individuals whose contribution has directly led to improvements or change for people or organisations. This could be someone who has:

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Vote now help us get GamesAid funding!

Posted on 31st August 2016 by

We are delighted to have been nominated for GamesAid funding, which would support our work with young people and adults with Asperger’s Syndrome at a critical time for our ASpire project. The special element of GamesAid funding is that it is voted for by its members, people who are involved in the gaming industry.

Games Aid - vote now logoGaming is very close to many of our service users with Asperger’s who attend our ASpire social group. Gaming can provide people with Asperger’s with a unique opportunity to socialise, communicate and make friends. New game releases and favourite games are often a hot topic of conversation amongst our service users, who can struggle to communicate due to their condition.

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Yellow Rose campaign radio tour

Posted on 28th July 2016 by

In July I have been on local radio several times talking about our Yellow Rose campaign to raise funds to reduce the impact of loneliness and isolation on people living in our City.

Jo Ivens & Guy Lloyd at Juice Radio's studios

Jo Ivens & Guy Lloyd at Juice Radio’s studios

Going on the radio feels quite a scary prospect the first couple of times. I had been envisaging massive headphones, lots of equipment and the prospect of stage-fright…

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Fairness Commission endorses more support for parents with learning disabilities

Posted on 30th June 2016 by

Monday afternoon saw the launch of the Brighton & Hove Fairness Commission report. The Fairness Commission is a group of 12 independent individuals who were appointed to look how to make Brighton & Hove a fairer and more equal place to live and work.

We grabbed with both hands the opportunity to raise some of the issues that affect the people we work with.

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EU referendum: you are still part of our community and we of yours

Posted on 28th June 2016 by

The shock of the result of the EU referendum has been bouncing around the Impetus office as it has the city and the country. We reject the divisive language of the debate, and say to our scheme members, volunteers and supporters – we value and respect you, regardless of where you come from.

European Union flag

European Union flag

Brighton & Hove prides itself on being an open, inclusive, tolerant and diverse City, and we at Impetus are very proud to be part of that.

We absolutely deplore and resist the divisive, fear-driven and down-right racist and xenophobic language that has been such a strong feature of the referendum campaign, and we will continue to welcome, reach out to and work with all people who want our service, all people who want to volunteer with us.

We want to say to anyone who feels alienated by the tone of what is going on in our country: we welcome you, we value you and we want you to be part of our community. And to all those who want to help build more tolerant, inclusive and connected neighbourhoods – come and be part of what we do at Impetus. We work to connect people, we reduce loneliness and isolation and we improve wellbeing – whoever you are.

Get in touch to volunteer or donate or comment below.

Local Charity Looking For Amazing Fundraiser

Posted on 1st April 2016 by

Another charity looking for an amazing fundraiser? Yes. But not just any charity.

We are local, we make a difference, we connect.

We are proactive, we are collaborative, we are a great team.

We have a clear strategy and a great Board.

We are finding the resources we need to invest in developing our fundraising base.

We are finding the resources to invest in you.

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Fundraising Comedy Night a Big Hit!

Posted on 16th February 2016 by

Kerry Herbert & Zoe Lyons at Charity Chuckle

Tuesday 9th February was a special day for us — we were the chosen charity of the last ever Charity Chuckle comedy night at the Komedia, with a packed line up hosted by NCS volunteer and top comic Zoe Lyons.

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Comic Zoe Lyons competes for Impetus on Fifteen to One!

Posted on 25th August 2015 by

We’re delighted and excited that our very own Zoe Lyons is appearing on Celebrity Fifteen to One this Friday with B&H Impetus as her chosen charity.

Zoe Lyons

Zoe will be up against Caroline Quentin, Gyles Brandreth, Tyger Drew-Honey, Paul Chowdhry, Rhod Gilbert and others in the classic quiz show which airs at 8pm this Friday 28th August on Channel 4.

Celebs compete for a cash prize for their chosen charity. We’re so pleased that Zoe wanted to support us, and can’t wait to see how she gets on! Watch with us and cheer for Zoe – we’ll be chatting on Twitter @BHImpetus

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