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Posted on 11th April 2019 by
Jo with Business Women of the Year award

Jo Crease, CEO

Over the next few months, Impetus is reshaping its work to respond to growing demand and the challenges of a fast-changing city. This will include focusing our work on tackling and preventing isolation and loneliness.

Our cross-city befriending service (currently called The Neighbourhood Care Scheme), and our cross-city social prescribing service (currently called Community Navigation), will remain at the heart of our work.

To support the changes, we are undergoing a rebrand to create a new image that supports the organisation into the future, while retaining all the warmth, compassion and care for others that Impetus, the Neighbourhood Care Scheme and Community Navigation stand for.

We want the rebrand to help us improve how we get our message across, help us to raise funds and help ensure we reach as many people as possible with our services.

This could mean that the charity will have a new name, as well as new names for our services and a new logo. We will also have a wonderful new website that should be easier to navigate to find the information you want to access.

We are working with a local creative agency to help us on this path. As well as staff, trustees and partner organisations, volunteers and people who use our services have been undertaking interviews, giving feedback and insight as we move through the process. This has been invaluable and we are really grateful to everyone who has inputted so far.

We are really excited and positive about these changes, and we look forward to sharing more as the work moves forward. If you have any questions, please do contact

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