Fantastic February and March Winds (Leila, part 7)

Posted on 4th April 2019 by

Leila and Halima

Leila has been a member of our Neighbourhood Care Scheme since 2011. In this regular series, Leila shares her thoughts and experiences with us. Thank you Leila!


Lots happened in February and it was a time of extremes. The changes in my care meant I was plunged into a world of being cared for by strangers. I was very ill and my mobility suffered a severe blow. I was bedbound for the whole of the month and in severe pain.

During this time, I was so grateful for my two volunteers who visited regardless of the mess I found myself in. I was in a dark place, but their visits brought sunshine, happiness and smiles. I think laughing was a bit too much to expect, but for a couple of hours every week, I was immersed into familiarity and safety. My family visited a few times, but their minds were focused on problem solving and helping me physically. My volunteers afforded me light hearted chit-chat, time to relax, and made me tea and coffee – something I was incapable of doing myself.

It was very cold at night, but sunny days brought fresh hope that the pain I was suffering would be bearable. My volunteers were in a tricky situation – I couldn’t express any other emotion or feeling other than fear and pain, yet still they continued to arrange their next visit to see me. I cried each time they left, sad they had gone and worried I’d put them off coming back.

I would like to express my thanks to Halima and Liz for not giving up on me, for showing kindness and understanding and not judging the situation. They had hope things would get better and this had a profound effect on my mood, which helped me continue my life through to the end of the month.

Then came March – in like a lion, and didn’t we know it.

Lying in bed listening to the howling wind and the driving rain sent shivers over me while I was wrapped up snugly in my duvet. I had a new care agency by then and I was recovering well. Midmonth, I ventured out of bed and started to build my independence again. My Sister helped me make my bedroom a nicer place by hanging colourful ornaments on the walls. I had some help with tidying, cleaning and dusting, and my pet rabbits were happy to see me up and about again. My volunteers were very encouraging, allowing time to chat and helping with little chores – Halima sweeps the lounge when she visits, while Liz has shown great interest in my plants. They were so pleased to see me up and about and, although still in a lot of pain, I was glad to be mobile again.

I have a regular enrichment care call and I have made lots of greetings cards for birthdays I missed and those upcoming. Liz and I have planned my balcony project, while Halima is educating me about her culture and home life. I don’t see Halima during the school holidays, but at her next visit we are going to make some cakes. Thanks to the persistence of my volunteers, I am looking forward to the future again!

Things are coming together and I am overcoming my barriers. The sun is shining again and we are having beautiful warm, sunny days. With Mothering Sunday and the clocks going forward, the weather is calm and settled. The month is coming to an end, and we are truly going out like a lamb.


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