Neighbourhood Care Scheme – December update

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Neighbourly good will keeps flowing!
Since January, the Neighbourhood Care Scheme has recruited 117 new volunteers (not including our 39 Casserole Club Cooks). This means 2018 is the fourth year running in which we have recruited over 100 new volunteers. It is a constant encouragement to all the staff here to engage with so many people who want to connect with their isolated neighbours.

We would like to say thank you to all our volunteers. We know what a difference you make to so many people.

National Befriending Week
National Befriending Week was the first week of November and highlighted all the good work done by the many befriending organisations and their volunteers across the country.

To honour and celebrate our own 300-plus befrienders who visit week in and out, we held four volunteer socials across the city. Over 40 volunteers came along for pizza and beer, or coffee and cake in four different pubs and cafes. People felt it was good to meet up with each other to swap experiences and stories. We will be hosting more socials next year, so look out for dates to come.

Volunteers socialising

Brighton and Hove Befriending Coalition Conference
We also celebrated the befriending organisations with a small conference to relaunch the Brighton and Hove Befriending Coalition. This was attended by over a dozen different groups, all with their own unique slant on befriending.

Diane Claridge from National Befriending Networks gave an overview of the national picture and we took time to celebrate the successes we see daily as well as the challenges we face. Many of the volunteer co-ordinators of the smaller projects are themselves volunteers and we are keen that they are able to access the support and training opportunities that the larger projects might take for granted.

When good neighbours become good friends…
Richard, who is a volunteer befriender and Community Navigator at Impetus, has just been to Australia. He sent us this picture from the ‘Neighbours’ set and we thought you may like to see him. How does the theme tune go again? Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours…

Richard at Ramsay Street

John and Bruno
John and Bruno share their story about how they became friends through the NCS and how they meet regularly to play table tennis! Watch their heart-warming video and find out more.

Casserole Club
In November we began the integration of Casserole Club into the Neighbourhood Care Scheme. We would like to welcome all the Casserole Club Cooks into Impetus. We look forward to offering you the support you need to continue your great work.

In 2019, we will continue to our collaboration with the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership (our main Casserole Club partner), to recruit new cooks and to offer nutritional advice and training to both our scheme members and volunteers.

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