Holidays (Leila, part 4)

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Leila has been a member of our Neighbourhood Care Scheme since 2011. Her current volunteer has been visiting her weekly since just before Christmas 2017. Here’s the fourth entry in her regular series, where she shares her thoughts and experiences of the last month.


August was another strange month. As the children broke up for the Summer Holidays, the weather seemed to change yet again. Cue cold, wind and cloud.

All was not lost though as sunny days came sporadically. I was mostly stuck indoors with wheelchair trouble, but I managed to get onto the roof terrace to witness some of the best views over the city and some amazing sunsets. I also managed to make it into the city with my Sister and Niece for a day trip and then again at the beginning of September to buy my Granddaughter a pair of shoes ready for starting school later in the month.

My thoughts often turned to my volunteer who I had not seen since July. I was very excited to be seeing her early in September, but our first meeting back was cancelled due to ill health. My happiness and excitement were dashed, but I managed to swallow my disappointment with a cup of ‘Oh well! – Next week.’ I thought no more into it other than a longing to be with her. Patience is the key, next week will soon be here.

The following week soon arrived, and I had comprised a list of key questions to ask. How was your summer? How was your visit to see family? How is your Daughter? Etc. Then, to my dismay, I got a text the night before we were due to meet. She was cancelling again!

I read her text as my heart and soul hit the floor. Then reread the message. Yes, she was not coming, but her reason was amazing! She was to be reunited with her Daughter! Her Daughter who she had been worrying about for so long was coming home, my volunteer was going to have her Daughter back! So, me being me, I sent a load of heart emojis back in a text and cried my eyes out, knowing how marvellous this situation was. I cried because of my selfishness for wanting my volunteer, for needing to feel less lonely, to have a laugh. I cried because of the magnitude of the unfolding situation.

The following Thursday couldn’t come quick enough, and as my volunteer walked in the door I hugged her with all my might, just holding her and congratulating her. She had brought her Daughter home, away from the danger, and her whole family was together again. Together and safe, and both my volunteer and I were so happy.


Thanks for sharing, Leila! More next month. During 2018 we are celebrating 20 years of the Neighbourhood Care Scheme. Find out more here.

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