Connecting with Nature – Impetus Away Day 2018

Posted on 19th July 2018 by

Impetus staff under a tree

Earlier this week, Impetus staff ventured into the South Downs for our Away Day. The day was guided by The Grow Project — specifically, directors Jo Wren and Julie Wright — which runs a variety of courses about getting outdoors, reconnecting with nature and improving wellbeing.

We began our day at the National Trust’s Saddlescombe Farm, “A hidden hamlet nestled in the downs” as they say on their website — an apt description, as the farm buildings felt very cosy and calm against the backdrop of the South Downs. From there we walked onto the Downs, tried out some fun team-building exercises, hugged some trees, ate a picnic together (complete with a game of duck, duck, goose!) and had many chances to appreciate the world around us at our own pace.

Jo Crease, Impetus CEO, says:

“It was so good to get away from our usual busy work focus, and spend time getting to know colleagues in the beautiful Sussex countryside, finding some space to be and to muse, rather than to think and to do. I came back refreshed and energised, and know the rest of the team feel the same.”

Alex, Mel, Jo hugging tree

Alex, Mel and Jo form a tree hugging circle

Seb Feast, Impetus Comms Assistant, says:

“We work quite closely in the office but often don’t have time to bond as we focus on our work, so it was a great chance to connect with each other and have a relaxing day. I could really feel the benefit of being out in nature rather than being stuck inside!”

The link between wellbeing and nature that Grow focuses on really fits with Impetus’ mission — connecting people to reduce isolation & improve health and wellbeing — and we’d certainly recommend them.

Grow’s website states: We know from Brighton University’s independent evaluations that the benefits derived from Grow’s courses are both wide-ranging and long lasting and significantly improve mood, self-worth, motivation, confidence, energy, zest for life, sense of trust, belonging and purpose.

Jo Wren, Grow Director, says:

“Julie and I so enjoyed spending the day with you and it was a lovely reminder of the importance of switching off from the stresses of work and just ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’.”

Thank you Jo and Julie for helping us have a brilliant Away Day!

If you’re a group or organisation who might benefit from one of these lovely days out, get in touch with Grow and see how they can work with you:

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