Resource for Independent Advocates working with Parents with Learning Disabilities: A Roadmap for a Complex Journey

Posted on 27th November 2017 by

  • Do you advocate for parents with learning disabilities?
  • Do you know what their rights are?
  • Do you feel confident that those rights are being respected?
  • On Wednesday 22 November, at the Learning Disability Today Conference at the ILEC Conference Centre in Fulham, London, Brighton & Hove Impetus launched a new FREE Resource to help advocates use the law to ensure their client’s needs are met and rights respected.

    This is not a guide on how to work with people with learning disabilities but a roadmap for a complex journey, funded by the Baring Foundation.

    We are a multi-award winning charity connecting people to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing. Our Interact advocacy service has been supporting parents with learning disabilities and difficulties involved in child protection proceedings since 1999.

    We are grateful to all contributors, who include specialists in Human Rights Research and Policy, Disability Studies, Social Care Law and Public law. Special thanks also to Brighton & Hove City Council, who have worked together with our Interact advocacy service on a joint protocol, “whole family” approach to Adult and Children’s Services.

    Click the link to download: Resource for Independent Advocates working with PLD – A Roadmap for a Complex Journey

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