Voices and Values – Calling Impetus volunteers!

Posted on 19th September 2017 by

Ellie Moulton On 22nd August, Impetus held a very successful workshop on Values and Volunteers. We had a good turnout including volunteers, staff and trustees and lots of discussion on how we involve volunteers in the organisation and ways to ensure that volunteers have a voice in what we do.

We will now be holding regular workshops as one thing that was very clear to me from the meeting is how much all our volunteers are so passionate about and committed to their role. I was also impressed by our volunteers’ dedication and willingness to find out more about Impetus.

I am holding a Volunteer development workshop on Monday 2 October, 12-2.30pm. So far I’m planning for this to be at Intergen House but if we get higher numbers of volunteers wishing to attend, this may change!

Emma Baars, Impetus Deputy Chief Executive, will also be involved in the workshop. She is really keen to get your feedback on how we safeguard volunteers and service users, on boundaries and confidentiality. We will provide a yummy lunch to thank you for your time and then we would like to share with you the strategic objectives of the organisation and get your thoughts and feedback on how we go out engaging volunteers in the wider work of the organisation.

I really hope you can come along to this workshop, your input into this session will be invaluable and will shape the future of Impetus.

Please contact me know if you would like to attend and I can share details and agenda – ellie.moulton@bh-impetus.org / 01273 229009

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