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NCS at Brighton & Sussex Medical School Freshers' Fair

It was really good last week to attend the Freshers’ Fair at Brighton & Sussex Medical School at the invitation of students from the Society of Geriatric Medicine who would like to create buddying opportunities for medical students. The positive stories of NCS volunteer Helen Schilizzi and scheme member Jackie Grossman attracted a lot of interest. We look forward to following up with the new students in October.

I thought of this initiative again when a colleague showed me an article in the Sunday Times (“Middle-aged abandon ‘Club 18-34′ city centres”, 18 September 2016) that reports on a study by the Intergenerational Foundation. It seems that mixed communities are dying out, with city centres becoming dominated by under-30s as the middle-aged move out to the suburbs.

Brighton is the second most age-segregated city in the country, with the average age of people living in a corridor connecting the coast with the village of Falmer being below 30. Both Brighton and Sussex universities have campuses in this area.

Here are the age distributions of new scheme members and volunteers coming to the Neighbourhood Care Scheme in the last nine months of 2015:

NCS scheme member age chart

NCS volunteer age chart

The contrast between the two distributions is marked. By matching up the two groups, we are certainly doing our bit to counteract the age apartheid in Brighton. As we have at least two centenarians (age 100+) being visited and we have several mothers visiting with their new babies (age <1), you might think of the Neighbourhood Care Scheme as a sort of Club 0 – 100. If you like the idea, why not join us?

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