Stella and Sheila – Fifteen Years of Laughing and Learning Together

Posted on 18th August 2016 by

Stella and Sheila NCS

We would like to congratulate Stella Salmon, one of our scheme members in North Laine, on reaching her hundredth birthday in August. Stella attributes her longevity to luck and time – though a continuing interest in learning and an abiding love of Schubert’s music might also have made a contribution. We wish Stella a lot more luck and time in which to enjoy the things she loves.

It is not only Stella’s age that made us want to write this blog post, but the fact that she is one half of the longest-running partnership set up through NCS. Stella was first introduced to her volunteer Sheila Manning in September 2001, and they have been seeing each other regularly ever since.

Sheila is very enthusiastic when she speaks about Stella. She really likes Stella’s warm personality and that they can enjoy a laugh and joke together. The relationship is especially significant for Sheila because if her own mother was still alive, she would be the same age as Stella. Sheila says:

“I admire Stella for her independence and because she is still interested in the world around her and wants to keep on learning about things. Every week she gives me a topic for my husband Jim to research on the internet – Darjeeling tea, Bartholomew Priory, all sorts of things!”

As for Stella, she thinks Sheila is marvellous. They have really communicated and Sheila has kept her in touch with the world.

We hope that Stella and Sheila will enjoy laughing and learning together for many more years.

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