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In July I have been on local radio several times talking about our Yellow Rose campaign to raise funds to reduce the impact of loneliness and isolation on people living in our City.

Jo Ivens & Guy Lloyd at Juice Radio's studios

Jo Ivens & Guy Lloyd at Juice Radio’s studios

Going on the radio feels quite a scary prospect the first couple of times. I had been envisaging massive headphones, lots of equipment and the prospect of stage-fright…

Local radio now always feels like a delight though – this is not a grilling by Paxo, they’re there to help and spread the word. Local radio really knows its listeners, so for us as a charity that has to use all and every means at its disposal to get our messages out there, it’s a gift. People listening who want to hear about what’s going on in their communities, and might well be interested in how they can get involved? Perfect!

I’ve been on Juice Radio‘s Drive Time presented by Impetus volunteer Guy Lloyd a couple of times recently. Guy heads up Juice’s Spirit of the City initiative which gives not-for-profits in Brighton and Hove a chance to spread the word about their work. At 2 minutes it’s a challenge to get the message across, but a lot of fun to do.

By the time I reached Laura in the Reverb studios to do her Business in Brighton show, I’d been around this broadcasting block a couple of times and was no longer totally thrown by the microphone millimetres from my nose or the horrible awareness of how often the average person says ‘errr’.

I had a chance to talk with Laura in a bit more detail about our Yellow Rose campaign and our work generally on Radio Reverb’s Business Shown. You can listen to my interview here (I am on at 35 minutes in).

Find out more about Reverb and the Brighton Business Show below:

Radio Reverb 97.2fm is a non-profit organisation entirely run by volunteers and firmly rooted in the Brighton and Hove culture. Started in 2004 it was awarded a full community broadcasting license in 2007 and has had its license renewed until 2022. RadioReverb aims to provide an accessible, sustainable and accountable community radio service for Brighton and Hove with the aim to focus on the needs of diverse groups and individuals, marginalised unrepresented by local radio. They have built a platform for discussion and empowerment through a diverse mix of locally relevant speech and music programmes, all produced by people in Brighton & Hove.

The Brighton Business Show airs on RadioReverb and is available as a podcast on iTunes and Podomatic. The show covers business news and events across Sussex with advice, tips and personal stories from local entrepreneurs. Send Laura your news, invite her to report form your event or be brave and take on The Elevator Pitch challenge and get your business some free exposure. More information about getting involved can be found here:


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