Fairness Commission endorses more support for parents with learning disabilities

Posted on 30th June 2016 by

Monday afternoon saw the launch of the Brighton & Hove Fairness Commission report. The Fairness Commission is a group of 12 independent individuals who were appointed to look how to make Brighton & Hove a fairer and more equal place to live and work.

We grabbed with both hands the opportunity to raise some of the issues that affect the people we work with.

Firstly, we wanted to raise awareness of the issue of lack of support for parents with learning disabilities in Brighton & Hove. We produced a report on support for parents with learning disabilities, bringing together the national research, good practice and the legal advice we’ve received. And we worked with one of our clients to help her tell her story and produce a film about her experience.

Secondly, we wanted to highlight the difficulties people with Aspergers and High Functioning Autism face in accessing health and social care services, and the sad situation that people with these kind of support needs are often neglected until they develop into a crisis. Our evidence from research and consultation with our clients who have Aspergers and High Functioning Autism were quoted and recommendations made based on our evidence.

Thirdly we highlighted the importance of our neighbourhood based approach to tackling social isolation through befriending, and the impact of our work to bring Social Prescribing to Brighton – both of which were commended in the Fairness Commission final report.

We’re very pleased that the suggestions that we made to the Fairness Commission about what needs to change were included in full in the final report. We will be working hard on putting these recommendations into practice, and in particular in the area of support for parents with learning disabilities. We are able to bring national expertise to bear in Brighton & Hove, and look forward to working with the Council and other partners on making Brighton & Hove a fairer place.


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