Volunteers’ Week Day 12 — Ian Snoxell

Posted on 12th June 2016 by

Ian Snoxell Impetus

Volunteer’s Name: Ian Snoxell

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Impetus central team

What do they do?

Ian is Impetus’ Volunteer Receptionist. He is responsible for answering the door and welcoming visitors, helping with mail outs and franking, and other office tasks such as shredding. Ian also supports other volunteers with additional support needs who volunteer their time at Impetus.

Ian is very kind and thoughtful, and his contribution to Impetus’ office helps hold the team together, helps the volunteers look out for each other, and reminds everyone why they’re all here!

Who do they volunteer with?

At the moment, Ian supports Harriet; a student from St Johns’ College, a local special educational needs school and college.

Ian said:

“I came here to find voluntary work experience. I’d been volunteering in a shop before, but it was very boring and I wanted to get some office experience. When Impetus said there was a Volunteer Receptionist role available, I thought I’d have a go at it. I’m much happier here than I was before. Next year is a special year for me – my 10th anniversary!”

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