Volunteers’ Week Day 8 — Jason Eade

Posted on 8th June 2016 by

Jason Better Futures

Volunteer’s Name: Jason Eade

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Better Futures

What do they do?

Jason, 26 years old, was supported by Impetus’ Better Futures service to find and get started in the role of Front of House volunteer at the visual arts organisation and art gallery, Fabrica. Due to having an autistic spectrum disorder, Jason found meeting new people difficult. However, he was able to share knowledge about the art exhibitions with groups of visitors and was praised for his warm and positive impression.

As well as developing confidence within the role it has also been apparent that his social confidence has increased through being at Fabrica. Jason has not only developed positive relationships with other volunteers but has also had the confidence to take part in art workshops, trips and other activities facilitated by Fabrica without requiring support.

Who do they volunteer with?

Jason volunteers at the Fabrica gallery and works with artists, other volunteers and members of the public at the venue.

Elin Karlsson, Fabrica Volunteer Coordinator said:

“It really seems like volunteering here has been a positive experience for Jason and he is a leading example for other volunteers on how to interact with the public, talking to groups and adapting to new situations.”

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