Volunteers’ Week Day 7 — Nellie Mills and Lucy Cross

Posted on 7th June 2016 by

Lucy Cross NCS

Volunteers’ Names: Nellie Mills and Lucy Cross — Duke of Edinburgh Volunteers

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Neighbourhood Care Scheme

What do they do?

Both Nellie and Lucy (pictured above) were only 14 and 15 respectively when they started with the Neighbourhood Care Scheme as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteering.

However, they have both continued their visiting beyond the time required for the Award. In January, the lady they visited died, and they now visit another woman in Kemptown. Impetus’ younger volunteers visit in pairs for safety, but despite their youth they can display as much maturity and responsibility as volunteers much older than them.

Nellie says of her volunteering:

“It gives you an insight into someone else’s life and stops you thinking about yourself.”

While Lucy says:

“It opens your eyes to a completely different way of life and teaches you compassion for other people.”

Who do they volunteer with?

Elderly residents across the city.

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