Volunteers’ Week Day 6 — Zoe Lyons

Posted on 6th June 2016 by

Zoe Lyons NCS

Volunteer’s Name: Zoe Lyons

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Neighbourhood Care Scheme

What do they do?

Zoe got to know about the NCS through a community Awards Evening in Brighton that she was asked to host. Zoe was so impressed by all the hard work that ordinary members of the community were doing to make the lives of others better that she decided to volunteer. For the past 10 months, she has made weekly visits to a very elderly gentleman in his mid-90s who lives in the area.

Zoe is not only an NCS scheme member in the community, she has also spent time volunteering in the Impetus office for the last four years doing really helpful database tasks that help the charity with monitoring & reporting the volunteers impact.

Zoe said:

“Being a volunteer has really made me consider the lives of those who struggle to do day-to-day things either through age, disability or mental health issues. There are so many people who are living behind closed doors.”

Who do they volunteer with?

Zoe has been visiting a 94-year-old man since June last year and her approach is “very nice” and “excellent” according to him.

Zoe explains:

“The person I visit is really quite remarkable, he is now housebound because of his age, he is in his mid 90s. Despite this, he is still very capable and interested in the outside world. He was quite adventurous when he was younger and more able and we have quite a few shared interests including skiing and travel. He occasionally asks me to get him some things from the shops but mostly we just have a lovely chat once a week and last summer we hired a wheelchair and took a few spins down the promenade, a place he used to like to roller blade until at the age of 78 he decided to give it up!”

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