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Monthly archives for June, 2016

Fairness Commission endorses more support for parents with learning disabilities

Posted on 30th June 2016 by

Monday afternoon saw the launch of the Brighton & Hove Fairness Commission report. The Fairness Commission is a group of 12 independent individuals who were appointed to look how to make Brighton & Hove a fairer and more equal place to live and work.

We grabbed with both hands the opportunity to raise some of the issues that affect the people we work with.

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What’s next for Better Futures?

Posted on 30th June 2016 by

We recently received the extremely disappointing news that we had not been successful in gaining continuation funding for our BIG Lottery funded service, Better Futures. The service worked with people with disabilities who needed help to get into volunteering. Sometimes that help was figuring out what they wanted to do, sometimes it was finding a role that they were interested in, or understanding the application process. We helped people to start, and we helped them after they did, as they were accompanied by our staff into their new placement and given 8 weeks of support to learn the requirements of the role and do things like consider reasonable adjustments they needed and gain confidence in travelling to and from their placement. We’re hugely proud that once people completed their 8 weeks of direct support 9 out of 10 wanted to continue without that support, newly confident in something they didn’t feel able to engage with alone just a few months earlier. You can read stories from some of our clients here but these are just a handful of nearly 150 that were supported across the project.

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EU referendum: you are still part of our community and we of yours

Posted on 28th June 2016 by

The shock of the result of the EU referendum has been bouncing around the Impetus office as it has the city and the country. We reject the divisive language of the debate, and say to our scheme members, volunteers and supporters – we value and respect you, regardless of where you come from.

European Union flag

European Union flag

Brighton & Hove prides itself on being an open, inclusive, tolerant and diverse City, and we at Impetus are very proud to be part of that.

We absolutely deplore and resist the divisive, fear-driven and down-right racist and xenophobic language that has been such a strong feature of the referendum campaign, and we will continue to welcome, reach out to and work with all people who want our service, all people who want to volunteer with us.

We want to say to anyone who feels alienated by the tone of what is going on in our country: we welcome you, we value you and we want you to be part of our community. And to all those who want to help build more tolerant, inclusive and connected neighbourhoods – come and be part of what we do at Impetus. We work to connect people, we reduce loneliness and isolation and we improve wellbeing – whoever you are.

Get in touch to volunteer or donate or comment below.

Volunteers’ Week Day 12 — Ian Snoxell

Posted on 12th June 2016 by

Ian Snoxell Impetus

Volunteer’s Name: Ian Snoxell

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Impetus central team

What do they do?

Ian is Impetus’ Volunteer Receptionist. He is responsible for answering the door and welcoming visitors, helping with mail outs and franking, and other office tasks such as shredding. Ian also supports other volunteers with additional support needs who volunteer their time at Impetus.

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Volunteers’ Week Day 11 — Sheila Wood

Posted on 11th June 2016 by

Sheila NCS at Palace

Volunteer’s Name: Sheila Wood

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Neighbourhood Care Scheme

What do they do?

Sheila is a long-serving volunteer who began volunteering with NCS in 2003, following the death of her husband.

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Volunteers’ Week Day 10 — Sue Seymour

Posted on 10th June 2016 by

Sue Seymour Lay Assessors Scheme

Volunteer’s Name: Sue Seymour

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Lay Assessors Scheme

What do they do?

Sue’s role is interviewing people who receive home care to assess their satisfaction with the service. She has also contributed to the City Council’s Commissioning Process for home care, helps to train new Lay Assessors, and has attended many council courses on working with older people and those with disabilities.

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Volunteers’ Week Day 9 — Bunty Bateman

Posted on 9th June 2016 by

Bunty Bateman Community Navigation

Volunteer’s Name: Bunty Bateman

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Community Navigation

What do they do?

85-year-old Bunty is a volunteer Community Navigator who supports people to take up services and activities they need and want. This can be anything from helping someone get out more and meet new people, to arranging an advocate or advisor. Navigators find and give people the information they need and help them access the right services and groups.

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Volunteers’ Week Day 8 — Jason Eade

Posted on 8th June 2016 by

Jason Better Futures

Volunteer’s Name: Jason Eade

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Better Futures

What do they do?

Jason, 26 years old, was supported by Impetus’ Better Futures service to find and get started in the role of Front of House volunteer at the visual arts organisation and art gallery, Fabrica. Due to having an autistic spectrum disorder, Jason found meeting new people difficult. However, he was able to share knowledge about the art exhibitions with groups of visitors and was praised for his warm and positive impression.

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Volunteers’ Week Day 7 — Nellie Mills and Lucy Cross

Posted on 7th June 2016 by

Lucy Cross NCS

Volunteers’ Names: Nellie Mills and Lucy Cross — Duke of Edinburgh Volunteers

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Neighbourhood Care Scheme

What do they do?

Both Nellie and Lucy (pictured above) were only 14 and 15 respectively when they started with the Neighbourhood Care Scheme as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteering.

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Volunteers’ Week Day 6 — Zoe Lyons

Posted on 6th June 2016 by

Zoe Lyons NCS

Volunteer’s Name: Zoe Lyons

Which Impetus service they volunteer for: Neighbourhood Care Scheme

What do they do?

Zoe got to know about the NCS through a community Awards Evening in Brighton that she was asked to host. Zoe was so impressed by all the hard work that ordinary members of the community were doing to make the lives of others better that she decided to volunteer. For the past 10 months, she has made weekly visits to a very elderly gentleman in his mid-90s who lives in the area.

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