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Another charity looking for an amazing fundraiser? Yes. But not just any charity.

We are local, we make a difference, we connect.

We are proactive, we are collaborative, we are a great team.

We have a clear strategy and a great Board.

We are finding the resources we need to invest in developing our fundraising base.

We are finding the resources to invest in you.

Impetus is a local charity based in Brighton & Hove. We turn over around half a million a year, we are known and loved by those who use our services, volunteer with us, and who have done so in the past, but we have not historically had a very high profile with the general public. We’re looking to change that, and to make sure that we can integrate our work — our knowledge and the stories of what we achieve — with our communications and our fundraising.

We have three strands to our strategic plan for the next five years: diversification of funding to provide sustainability and independence, getting our message out there to our key audiences, and developing our services in line with the changing needs of people in Brighton & Hove. We have focused in the past primarily on service delivery, but are now turning our gaze to look around more widely. We want to be able to tell our stories, show the difference we make, and engage with supporters more directly and in more ways.

We need someone who is experienced in all aspects of individual giving and can help us diversify our funding, taking us from where we are at the moment to a mature giving programme. We do well at bid-writing, grant applications, and developing new work in partnership with others. We need someone to help us bring our voluntary income in line with our earned and grant income as part of our wider Funding Strategy.

You will need to work hard and use your experience, connections, and flair. You will be expected to be proactive, take responsibility, and lead our work on this. You will be supported by a fantastic Board, an experienced and passionate senior team, and a committed and caring staff team. You may need to advise us on what other work we need to do to meet our fundraising goals. We’re open to all those conversations.

That’s my pitch to you — if you like the sound of it, get in touch. You can download the application pack here.

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