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Sam Bond, manager of our Macmillan-Impetus Cancer Advocacy Service, explains why advocacy can make a real difference in this post on the Cancer, Older People and Advocacy blog:

“The use of health and social care by people with cancer” a 2014 study commissioned by The Department of Health, shows a clear link between cancer diagnosis and use of social care. The report explains “For some social care is critical to their independence and ability to participate in society.” However, use of social care by people with cancer is not equivalent to use of social care by people with other chronic conditions. A report by Macmillan in 2010 ‘Cancer should be as much a social concern as it is a health priority’, found that statutory social care was not meeting the needs of people with cancer. ‘People were often not referred for an assessment and did not know about the types of services which may be available. The research also found that those who commissioned social care services had limited understanding of the specific needs of people affected by cancer. [...]

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