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Yearly archives for 2015

The Week Before Christmas

Posted on 23rd December 2015 by

cat at christmas

The time just before Christmas is always very busy in the Neighbourhood Care Scheme (NCS) office as we try to get things done before the holiday shutdown. This year has been no exception. Here is one pre-Christmas story that certainly has a happy beginning and I hope will have a happy continuation in 2016…

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The Sussex Police Pegasus card

Posted on 11th December 2015 by

Pegasus card

The Pegasus card, pictured above, is available for anyone who has a disability or illness that may make it hard to communicate with the police in an emergency or difficult situation.

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On a grey, damp Sunday afternoon

Posted on 10th December 2015 by

Last Sunday I was walking through the Lanes lost in my own thoughts when I heard my name called out. I looked around and a woman waved to me. I did not recognise her immediately, but her bright wet weather gear made her a cheering presence in the gloomy dusk.

“Maggie*,” she explained. “One of your volunteers.”

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Not Christmas yet, but still lots of good will

Posted on 3rd November 2015 by

It is already November. In the bursting out of pre-Christmas publicity, it would be easy to miss that this week is National Befriending Week – a chance to highlight befriending as a means of combating loneliness. The photo below shows me and Impetus colleagues proclaiming the message.

Impetus team Befriending Week - Befrienders beat loneliness

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Accessing Health and Social Care Services – Survey

Posted on 22nd October 2015 by

In partnership with Healthwatch Brighton and Hove, ASpire is conducting research into the barriers adults with Asperger’s/Autism Spectrum conditions may experience when accessing local healthcare and social care services.

It is really important to us that you have a voice when it comes to how health and social care services are delivered. ASpire and some of its service users have put together a survey as a way you can feedback and let local services know about what works well and what improvements or ideas you have to make things better.

So, we would be grateful if you would let us know your opinions by answering the online survey here.

We really welcome parents’ and carers’ feedback too.

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Bupa Global PAs Hit the Streets for NCS

Posted on 29th September 2015 by

NCS Naomi and Bupa Global team

We would like to say a big thank you to Sandra, Maurissa, Elaine, Liz and Kym—all PAs at Bupa Global—who chose to help Impetus and the Neighbourhood Care Scheme (NCS) for their volunteering challenge.

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Good Citizenship

Posted on 25th September 2015 by

Usually my blog posts can be quite wordy, but in this case I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Mimi and Wednesday NCS with certificates

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Advocates in Integrated Care —

Posted on 22nd September 2015 by

Sam Bond, manager of our Macmillan-Impetus Cancer Advocacy Service, explains why advocacy can make a real difference in this post on the Cancer, Older People and Advocacy blog:

“The use of health and social care by people with cancer” a 2014 study commissioned by The Department of Health, shows a clear link between cancer diagnosis and use of social care. The report explains “For some social care is critical to their independence and ability to participate in society.” However, use of social care by people with cancer is not equivalent to use of social care by people with other chronic conditions. A report by Macmillan in 2010 ‘Cancer should be as much a social concern as it is a health priority’, found that statutory social care was not meeting the needs of people with cancer. ‘People were often not referred for an assessment and did not know about the types of services which may be available. The research also found that those who commissioned social care services had limited understanding of the specific needs of people affected by cancer. [...]

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If you want to leave a reply you can comment on the article itself, on this post below, on Twitter (@BHImpetus), or on Facebook.

A Nice Problem

Posted on 17th September 2015 by

A problem I have in common with many others working for voluntary sector and community organisations is saying thank you, or rather finding the time to show appreciation and say thank you to all the people who support us in our work. I have been meaning to write this blog since the middle of June, which illustrates the problem, so here are some of the people I have been wanting to thank properly since then.

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Comedy, Charity, and Classic Game Shows – Zoe Lyons on Fifteen to One

Posted on 27th August 2015 by

This post was written for Impetus by Zoe Lyons

15to1 contestants incl Zoe Lyons

Above: Presenter Adam Hills with the contestants. You can find Zoe in the back row, third from the right, alongside other famous faces.

I won’t lie; being a stand-up comedian is a rather odd choice of career. There is the constant self-doubt that nags away at most comics, long hours of lonely travel and then there is always the very real risk of completely bombing on stage in front of a couple of hundred people. Having said all that it can also be the best job in the world and it has provided me with some unique opportunities. In particular I have been asked to take part in a number of television game shows in aid of charity in the past couple of years and I have a Mastermind trophy to prove it (I won with a rather low score…but hey, a win’s a win)!

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