Two Good Things in a Day – Thanks to the Garfield Weston Foundation

Posted on 24th July 2014 by

Monday, 21st July, was a good day for the Neighbourhood Care Scheme (NCS). Volunteer Co-ordinator, Assuntina Cardillo-Zallo, and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the BBC Sussex radio presenter, Alison Ferns, during an outside broadcast from St John’s Day Centre in Hove. This was part of BBC Sussex’s day devoted to the theme of combatting loneliness. During the day, several NCS members and a volunteer were interviewed. However, the outside broadcast featured many groups engaged in activities to combat loneliness: St John’s Day Centre, of course; the Trust for Developing Communities, the Hangleton & Knoll Project, the LGBT Switchboard, a yoga teacher, and a singing group.

At another meeting last week on Connecting Older People in the Community run by One Church Brighton, I learnt that there were at least twenty-five lunch clubs in Brighton & Hove. You can see the list on:

There is no doubt that loneliness can be debilitating, but it is encouraging that there are so many groups offering solutions, particularly for older people. And it is even more encouraging that, increasingly, these groups are working together. This would have been good enough for one day…but on Monday we also received a cheque in the post for £10,000 from the Garfield Weston Foundation. This money is a great help towards our fundraising target for the year, so we can really concentrate on pursuing our own solution to the problem of isolation and loneliness – recruiting volunteers and creating as many positive connections between people as possible. We would like to thank the Foundation for their timely support, which will make a real difference to a lot of people.

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