St John’s Annual Learner Voice Conference

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On the 11th of June Better Futures were very kindly invited to take part in St John’s Annual Learner Voice Conference. The event was aimed at showcasing the amazing variety of activities that St John’s students have access to during their time with both their Seaford based school and the college situated in East Brighton.

The event was a huge success with a mixture of speakers, entertainers, and an opportunity for students to explore the various learning opportunities on offer to them – including volunteering through Better Futures.

In order to capture the learner voice there was a secret stand in the foyer! Once through the entrance students found themselves inside a garage with a shiny red sports car, they got behind the drivers wheel and watched a video of their virtual journey along the seafront and through all the departments of the school and college. Whilst they were in the driving seat they were asked some informal questions about their journey through the past year at the school and college.

Both Ian (Service User) and I (Warren Sharp, Volunteering Coordinator) manned the Better Futures stand which gave us an opportunity to promote what Better Futures do to over 15 students. Some of the students were very interested in volunteering at some stage in the future. Students were also invited to complete a set of jigsaw puzzles which represented a variety of volunteering roles, which in some cases proved to be an activity they came back to again and again.

After the buffet lunch that was kindly provided by our hosts, we were all treated to a wide range of entertainment. This included magic tricks, juggling and live music performed by St John’s very own house band. All in all it was a fantastic day which highlighted all the creative things that St John’s students take part in, both inside and outside of their school or college.

After the event both Ian and I agreed that the day was a huge success and that we’d be looking forward to taking part again next year.

St John’s has been one of Better Futures’ most engaged partners over the past year and has worked closely with us in supporting two very dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. Today has been a fantastic opportunity for myself and Ian to see all the great work that St John’s and its students do and we are hopeful that we will be supporting some of these students in the very near future.

Ian in particular enjoyed taking part in the day as it was the first time he’d been to this type of event. He said:

“The thing I liked the most about the St John’s event was meeting all the other students. I really enjoy helping the students I volunteer with from St John’s. Meeting some students I might be volunteering with in the future was one of the highlights. Not to mention the buffet!”

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