Isolation – NCS Manager Speaks on BBC Sussex Radio

Posted on 4th June 2014 by

“The difficulty, for people who are isolated, is that they become invisible to other people.”

In response to the news of a broken lift causing a disabled man in Brighton to be housebound for a month, Sean de Podesta, service manager of our Neighbourhood Care Scheme (NCS), spoke on BBC Sussex radio – twice! He was on Sussex Breakfast talking to Neil Pringle this morning, which you can listen to on the BBC Sussex website until it expires in seven days time. Sean is featured about 2 hours and 13 minutes into the show. He was also featured on Afternoon with Allison Ferns, which finishes at 4:00pm today – you can listen to that on the BBC Sussex website as well, but again this expires in seven days.

Sean talked about how the NCS helps isolated individuals like these with volunteers who befriend older people, tapping into the “rich seam of neighbourliness in Brighton & Hove”. Sean says that:

“A lot of people are actually very concerned about isolated older people.”

When asked about the benefit for volunteers themselves, Sean replied:

“They actually meet very interesting people. Just because you’re older and can’t get out doesn’t mean you’re not an interesting person.”

This is a relevant topic on Volunteers’ Week – especially for our services, where volunteers are essential to reducing the social isolation of many of our service users. The man stuck in his house could’ve had a volunteer visiting him over this time if he was with the NCS, or even been getting out and about with their help. It goes to show how much of an improvement volunteers can and do make to people’s lives, but also that more are always needed.

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