Joining Up Care – Community Support is the Lynch Pin

Posted on 12th March 2014 by

The role of voluntary sector services such as our Neighbourhood Care befriending scheme is the lynch pin of the government’s new Better Care initiative. Local authority and Clinical Commissioning Groups need to really understand and value what we can bring to this vital piece of work.

Better Care aims to join up Health and Social Care around ‘frail’ adults and Impetus is involved in the discussions on how we make this work in Brighton & Hove. One of the key points is how the voluntary sector can make health and social care services more effective by offering community-based support such as befriending. This video from the King’s Fund shows the ideal situation.

They mention befriending as an important part of what keeps Sam connected, mobile and living independently. We see this story and many others like it every week – read about the wonderful relationship that Eve & Daniela have built over several years through our Neighbourhood Care Scheme.

We want to do more! For example, we are working with a local GP surgery to take referrals direct from doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. We are setting up research to show how community support can save the health service time and money, and – most importantly for us – help people to feel better by being connected with their neighbours, have someone who is looking out for them and someone to talk to. The impact of such a simple thing cannot be underestimated.

If you’d like to get involved as a volunteer, or you know someone who is lonely and would like a weekly visitor, get in touch with us on 01273 775 888 or via the contact form on the Get Support from NCS page.

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