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Monthly archives for February, 2014

Mental Health: Time to Talk

Posted on 6th February 2014 by

Today, February 6th, is the first ever Time to Talk day.

Time to Talk

This day was coined by Time to Change – a campaign led by mental health charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness which aims to fight the stigma and discrimination attached to mental health.

At Impetus we know that mental health problems can show themselves in lots of different ways and we see this every day in our work – our Neighbourhood Care Scheme (NCS) links older people and those with physical disabilities with volunteers to build personal connections, allowing them to combat isolation and depression with somebody by their side.

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Cut-Price Care?

Posted on 5th February 2014 by

I happened to catch part of the Radio 4 programme called Cut-Price Care last night. They looked at whether we can be confident that home care provided for older people and those with disabilities is of proper quality.

They say “Ministers have promised a new focus on home care for the elderly and disabled amid concern that 15-minute calls and a low-paid, under-skilled workforce are leaving vulnerable people at risk.”

Hands of an older lady

Brighton & Hove has a series of private companies providing home care for them, with a budget of over £11 million a year. Some of the care provided is exceptionally good, and some is not so good – and according to Radio 4, this tends to be the picture across the country. Their programme makes the point: you wouldn’t want to be the unlucky person who happened to have their care provided by a not-so-good company, would you?

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