NCS Receives Award for “Biggest Impact in the City”

Posted on 9th December 2013 by
NCS Sector Star Award

The lovely Sector Star Award won by our very own Neighbourhood Care Scheme

Sean de Podesta, NCS Service Manager, gives his thoughts on the award below.

“I felt really proud last month to receive our Community and Voluntary Sector Star Award for Biggest Impact in the City, based on our ‘record in recruiting volunteers and creating such a positive model of supporting vulnerable people.’ It is recognition by the wider city community of the value of relationships such as that between Daniela and Eve featured on our new website, and those between hundreds of other NCS volunteers and scheme members. I would like to thank everyone who helps us to sustain our work, from visiting volunteers and scheme members, through our office volunteers, the staff team, our steering group, colleagues at Impetus and people in many other community and health and social care organisations. Although we continue to match at least one new scheme member with a volunteer each week, we are very aware of all the work that still needs to be done to combat isolation and create more effective networks of care in the community. The Star Award is very encouraging – and a great spur to action.”

Good news like this brightens up these winter days. Congratulations to everyone involved with the Neighbourhood Care Scheme!

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