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Yearly archives for 2012

Patient voice – but whose voice?

Posted on 27th March 2012 by

I was one half of a rather heated exchange of views over the weekend about the Health and Social Care Bill, which as just limped over the Parliamentary finish line into law, battered, bruised and in a slightly different shape to when it set out – but in law nonetheless and now the Health & Social Care Act. My sparring partner said ‘but I thought it was all about patient voice. How can you, of all people, be opposed to that?’. And of course, I’m not. Bigger issues of the Bill aside, let’s look at what we know about patient voice and how this might now play out.

If patient views are to be at the heart of the new arrangements there needs to be a way of making sure people’s voices are heard, but this is no simple task. Continue reading…

A day at the office – linking up with St John’s College…

Posted on 5th March 2012 by

From the latest issue of College Life :

“Emma, who is a learner at St. John’s College in Brighton & Hove, wanted office work experience so the Transition Co-ordinators, were able to offer her jobs with them.

Emma has been filing, updating Databases, sending emails and photocopying. They were also able to arrange for Emma to work in the front office helping Jo and Katie with the shredding. It was felt that Emma would benefit from a external placement – so it was arranged that she would go to Impetus.

Continue reading…

Budget – crunch time in more ways than one

Posted on 22nd February 2012 by

Brighton & Hove City Council will make final decisions on its budget for 2012-13 next week, and the Community and Voluntary Sector Forum is calling for the protection of front line services and warning against ‘salami slicing’ of budgets. Valid and important points, but there’s more to this story – what the sector needs to do to respond to a very different environment.

The voluntary sector in the city has become fragmented and divided, with history, personalities and old disagreements at risk of being bigger than the problems we’re trying to tackle. We simply can’t justify having, for example, 15 organisations providing infrastructure support (help with setting up or running your organisation). There are numerous examples where the city has two, three or even more organisations all addressing the same issue in slightly different ways in slightly different geographical areas, with slightly different approaches and intentions.

What has struck me since I started working in this sector in Brighton last year has been that we have more in common than we have differences. Continue reading…

Local partnership secures £300k to support community and voluntary action in Brighton and Hove

Posted on 9th February 2012 by

A partnership of six Brighton and Hove based organisations has successfully secured £300,000 of funding from the Big Lottery Fund. The money will be used to improve the support given to grassroots groups, charities and other not-for-profit organisations and to provide more co-ordinated support to volunteering in the city.

Libby Young, Acting Joint CEO, at the Community and Voluntary Sector Forum said: “It is excellent news for the city that we have successfully secured this funding. The hard work will now begin to make sure that support for voluntary and community action in the city is high quality and sustainable through these challenging times.”

A project will now take place over the next 18 months to explore the potential for merging a number of services which are currently provided by different organisations, into one main support organisation for community and voluntary action in the city.

Continue reading…

In with the new

Posted on 3rd February 2012 by

It’s New Year, new Chief Executive here at Impetus. Steve Lawless has left us after 7 years service to Impetus and a lifetime of service to communities – we thank him very much for his expertise, commitment and positive contributions!

I’ve been in post part-time since the beginning of January, taking over full-time from Steve on 1 February and so far so good! One of my challenges will be to balance the needs of a changing and growing organisation with external representation and strategic influencing.

This week I’ve been writing our response to the Brighton & Hove Council consultation on their Equality and Inclusion policy.

Continue reading…

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