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Monthly archives for March, 2012

Patient voice – but whose voice?

Posted on 27th March 2012 by

I was one half of a rather heated exchange of views over the weekend about the Health and Social Care Bill, which as just limped over the Parliamentary finish line into law, battered, bruised and in a slightly different shape to when it set out – but in law nonetheless and now the Health & Social Care Act. My sparring partner said ‘but I thought it was all about patient voice. How can you, of all people, be opposed to that?’. And of course, I’m not. Bigger issues of the Bill aside, let’s look at what we know about patient voice and how this might now play out.

If patient views are to be at the heart of the new arrangements there needs to be a way of making sure people’s voices are heard, but this is no simple task. Continue reading…

A day at the office – linking up with St John’s College…

Posted on 5th March 2012 by

From the latest issue of College Life :

“Emma, who is a learner at St. John’s College in Brighton & Hove, wanted office work experience so the Transition Co-ordinators, were able to offer her jobs with them.

Emma has been filing, updating Databases, sending emails and photocopying. They were also able to arrange for Emma to work in the front office helping Jo and Katie with the shredding. It was felt that Emma would benefit from a external placement – so it was arranged that she would go to Impetus.

Continue reading…

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