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Yearly archives for 2011

Older People better cared for in Brighton?

Posted on 20th June 2011 by

A survey carried out by The Equality and Human Rights Commission revealed that a large number of older people receiving home care are being emotionally and physically neglected resulting in an abuse of their human rights. Care for ageing people is a major part of any council’s budget. I carried out the consultation as for Brighton and Hove over 10 years ago as part of the Best Value Review of Domiciliary Care. As a result two important voluntary sector initiatives were set up.

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Posted on 27th May 2011 by

This is a new scoping report for the EU with a number of recommendations. Some of it is comparing the state of volunteering in EU member states. The UK is seen as having a relatively high level of volunteering. It reinforces a number of the points that we made in the B&H Volunteering Strategy. The executive summary is 20 pages long which is about the size of our whole strategy! But if the recommendations are taken seriously we may see an increase in EU funding opportunities for cross boarder learning. That would definitely be an opportunity for Brighton and Hove.

The Study on Volunteering in the European Union

Incentivising Volunteering is a bad idea.

Posted on 23rd May 2011 by

The government is to invest £30m in a new fund that will build the capacity of infrastructure organisations that support front line civil society groups in England, it announced today in the Giving White Paper. Part of the proposals are to set up a Social Action Fund which will be used to incentivise people to give their time.

“New models of reciprocity
Using the Social Action Fund to support new models that incentivise people to give time, such as ‘complementary currencies’ that give people credit for volunteering; £400,000 from government and the National Endowment for
Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) to trial ‘Spice’ time credits in England.”

This is yet another move, like TimeBank and LETS schemes, to turn volunteering into a market commodity (“complementary currency”). People currently want to volunteer because it increases their sense of social purpose, value and wellbeing, not because they will receive some kind of material reward. The reward is intrinsic to the volunteering itself. Volunteering is already literally embedded in our DNA. We are a co-operative species. It is why we have survived.

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Public Spending Cuts Meeting

Posted on 12th May 2011 by

An interesting meeting last night at the BMECP Centre in Fleet Street. We were disconcertingly accompanied by a small prayer group in another room who sang and shouted at the top of their voices for the duration of our meeting. Maybe they think the Lord is hard of hearing these days! Doris was very apologetic. It was good to have a couple of people from the CUPP network there too.

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Latest Update on Government Policies Towards the Sector

Posted on 10th May 2011 by

Third Sector magazine has summed up the governments policies towards the sector so far. Makes for a useful read.

Public Meeting – Public Spending Cuts and the Voluntary Sector

Posted on 4th May 2011 by

Wednesday 11 May 6 pm @ BMECP Centre
10A Fleet Street Brighton BN1 4ZE

We are currently facing the biggest rolling back of the welfare state we have seen in our lifetimes. Public spending cuts and intentions to privatise public services will change the nature of the welfare state as we know it.

The voluntary sector is being cut back by up to 50% in many parts of the country. Locally contracts from statutory bodies have either been cut or pegged at last years prices whilst inflation is running at over 5%. Many local voluntary organisations have had to cut staff recently and others are struggling to survive.

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ASpire – recruiting

Posted on 27th April 2011 by

Aspire will be recruiting a part-time Administration Worker within the next 2 months. Please keep an eye on the Impetus website for Application pack and more details.

Update – Application Packs can be downloaded from the Impetus Jobs page.

Aspire Marathon update

Posted on 27th April 2011 by

Aspire would like to say a huge thank you to Aidan Goatley, our runner in the Brighton Marathon who raised a wonderful £320.00 for the project. Unfortunately for Aidan, he was unable to complete the marathon due to injury, but did manage a respectable 13.4 miles of the course. Commiserations and congratulations to him for his efforts. His contribution has paid for a set of books called Glimpses of Aspergers written by Professor Marie Harder of Brighton University, a copy of which will be given to each of our project members to be used with their mentors as a tool to raising self-awareness of Asperger syndrome.

South East Wellbeing Consortium

Posted on 26th April 2011 by

Impetus has been working with three other local Third Sector organisations to set up a consortium to deliver services. The organisations are Care Co-ops, The Federation of Disabled People and MIND in Brighton and Hove. We received Modernisation Funding to develop and set up the consortium. The aim is to develop it and build membership so that we can take on some large contracts and provide multifaceted and joined up services. SEWC is an important development. We are now registered as a company and have just appointed a chief officer who will be described as our Business Development Manager. Initially at least he will be based at the Impetus offices. We are really excited to have recruited John Routledge to this post. John has an exemplary history having been an early chief executive of the Urban Forum, worked in the Home Office Communities Unit to set up the ChangeUp initiative and then managed the Communities Team in the City Council leading on a number of important initiatives. We are also privileged to have Peter Houghton join the board of SEWC. Peter has recently retired from the regional strategic health authority where he was Director of Innovation. Previously, he has been the CEO of two mental health trusts and a strategic health authority.

Living In Interesting Times!

Posted on 8th April 2011 by

Started the day with Sean DePodesta and Claire, our social work student, at the County Hospital handing out flowers as a protest against the Health White Paper. All the evidence shows that market dynamics within public services leads to more expensive unit costs. The US has one of the highest costs per head of population in the world for state paid health and yet has one of the worst health services. Through all entities in its public-private system, the U.S. spends more per capita than any other nation in the world, but is the only wealthy industrialized country in the world that lacks some form of universal health care.And yet the government (and the previous one) seem to want to copy the US model. Our service users would be the people worse hit by changes that are likely to mainly benefit corporations and their owners. An Argus reporter took our photos so could be in the Argus tonight or Saturday. Everyone we spoke to was seriously concerned about the governments proposals. Several people agreed to write to their MPs.

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