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Monthly archives for October, 2011

The Future for Personal Budgets?

Posted on 19th October 2011 by

Demos have published a new report, Tailor Made. It discusses how far personal budgets deliver personalisation and concludes it is not a silver bullet for empowerment of service users. It does have some good suggestions about how to empower people. I have always been a big supporter of Direct Payments and Personal Budgets and set up the first Direct Payments scheme in Sussex in partnership with the Federation of Disabled People. I argued 20 years ago that “key quality standards” should be set by service users and not professionals. There is no doubt that giving people control over their own resources, thereby turning them into mini commissioners, will give them the potential to have far more say in the way those services are delivered. This argument has now been won and is enshrined in legislation and practice. However the Tailor Made report does qualify the optimism and quite rightly so. The partnership that Adult Social Care has with the Federation for Disabled People is a good example of how service users often require appropriate support to be able to use direct funding properly.

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PatientView – patient groups around the world appraise health apps

Posted on 8th October 2011 by
PatientView has distributed a report “What Do patients Think of Health Apps?”, a review by patient groups of health apps as tools for the self-management of patients medical conditions. See
It is fascinating to read of the variety of ways in which mobile phone apps can help people with many different conditions, including Asperger syndrome, epilepsy, haemophilia, hearing disorders and learning disabilities.
The report has been made available for download to those registered with PatientView, who have to respect copyright and not pass it outside their organisations.
David Botibol, Trustee

Big Lottery Fund voting again.

Posted on 3rd October 2011 by

The BLF are going to be giving away £10M to the “good causes” that the public votes for. Last time the BLF ran one of these scheme we were short-listed. However, in the end a number of factors scuppered us. We were directly competing with a children’s charity which gave us no chance. We were trying to raise funds to support people with mental health issues into volunteering and that is not very sexy as far as the public are concerned. Animal charities also have a great deal of success.

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