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Monthly archives for July, 2011

Smaller Contracts One Option if Competition is to Work

Posted on 12th July 2011 by

A new research paper published by the Kings Fund today argues for, amongst other things, contracts for smaller packages of care for the NHS.  My view is that this needs to be transposed to social care as well.

When the “purchaser – provider split” was first introduced in the NHS there was a real problem with large units of service provision such as hospitals. They did not fit into a competition model as you did not have the flexibility to buy service from one hospital one year and another the next.

Although what hospitals could offer was negotiated by PCTs the reality was not a lot different to the pre competition days. To have behaved any differently would have resulted in hospitals going bust and a loss of essential services. Continue reading…

Council and Third Sector Together Against the Cuts

Posted on 8th July 2011 by

Brighton’s new Green Council has publicly opposed the spending cuts. Cllr. Bill Randall, the leader of the Council has said that the Council’s first priority “will be to protect children, vulnerable adults and those at risk of social exclusion.” He has stated that he sees the voluntary sector as a key partner in doing that work.

As I have pointed out before on this blog, it is the most vulnerable people in Britain that are being made to pay the most in the Government’s austerity measures. (Ironically, or some might say predictably, it is those most responsible for the economic deficit that are paying the least.) Obviously this is not just. This Government has fully accepted the role of the voluntary sector to campaign on behalf of our beneficiaries.  This is a legitimate activity, particularly for organisations like ours that have an important advocacy role. Cuts to the voluntary sector will also have a negative impact on volunteering opportunities and therefore the capacity of the sector to support the most vulnerable people.

Continue reading…

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