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Monthly archives for March, 2011

All Together for Civil Society Campaign Pledge

Posted on 31st March 2011 by

The National Association for Voluntary and Community Associations, NAVCA, and the TUC (I’ll assume you know what that stands for!) held a conference in London on 8 February to consider the effect of the cuts on the voluntary sector. The Council have offered a level of protection to the voluntary sector, in stark comparison to many other areas in the country, but the £28m of cuts in service will affect many of our service users deeply. In addition to local authority cuts other areas of public service are being cut back, e.g. the health service, at the same time as inflation and taxation is increasing and benefits are being cut. Myself and many others on the staff group are worried that we are currently seeing some of the most serious and far reaching reductions in welfare provision in our lifetimes. The Board was concerned that the effects on some of our most vulnerable service users will be far reaching. Government has acknowledged that the voluntary sector has an important campaigning role. The Board has therefore signed up to the Campaign Pledge. I’ve copied it here:

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