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Monthly archives for October, 2009

Systemcare UK – Phones

Posted on 23rd October 2009 by

I wrote earlier about problems we were having with our phone company and that the company employed by the ombudsman had ruled in our favour. Systemcare is currently challenging the Ombudsman decision. The investigator was only able to make a decision in relation for sums up to £5,000. His decision was for much more than this as the annual cost £8,400 before calls and the decision affects 6 years.

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Volunteer Strategy, the recession,

Posted on 21st October 2009 by

Attended the Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee yesterday to present the draft of the volunteer strategy. The meetings are broadcast live on the internet. I spoke about volunteering not being the icing on the cake but being an essential part of what makes society work. The strategy is about changing the way the City delivers services taking that issue into account. It was very well received. The Councillors thought having a strategy was a very good thing and felt that the work that had gone into this one was clear from the result. They were interested in the whole area of job substitution. I said that we will be publishing a paper on this issue. There are questions that I think commissioners could usefully ask themselves in the recession about volunteering.
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Adam Film

Posted on 7th October 2009 by

As with David I thought the ASpire team and the fundraising team did a fantastic job on Friday. I really enjoyed the film. I was interested in David’s comment. I would like to see a critical assessment of the film, especially from people with AS. Although the film gave insights many documentaries fail to give my concern is that we end up with steriotypes that do not explain the diversity of personalities of people with AS. I think that the film did attempt to tackle the issue of lack of social skills and empathy but I thought some of Adam’s characteristics were a bit exagerated. Would he have been attractive to the woman in the film? She was a “rescuer” type but this did not come out that clearly in her behaviours.

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