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Monthly archives for April, 2009

The Recession Hits Impetus

Posted on 24th April 2009 by

I have been involved in a number of discussions about how the recession will affect local charities and how infrastructure organisations like ours can help them. Our Performance Development Service will have an important role here. One of the biggest issues is fund-raising of course. The NCVO research claims that third sector organisations often do okay in recessions. However we have already lost a small amount of income from our high interest bank account. Income from that source is now almost negligible. More importantly two of our recent trust fund applications replied to us that they really liked our applications but that, due to the recession, they were not making any more grants to organisations that are not already funded by them. Although the government is putting money into the economy to help get it going this seems to be in the banking and manufacturing sectors. We live in interesting times!

Volunteering Strategy

Posted on 6th April 2009 by

A number of us have been working hard on developing the Volunteering Strategy for the City. Thanks to everyone for your input so far.

The strategy will be important, not just for us but for the City and volunteering. Hopefully it will be a start in identifying barriers across the City to volunteering as well as highlighting the essential role that volunteering plays in providing social cohesion. My personal mission is to get more agencies to take volunteering far more seriously.

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