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Posted on 26th September 2008 by

I have a vision, hope, delusion that we can improve and develop the bonding of our Impetus community using the blog and social networking.

At the moment most contact with volunteers goes up and down on a one to one basis with volunteer co-ordinators or project leaders. The exception to this will be office volunteers and staff who are likely mostly to get to know other people in the office.

The AGM and xmas party are good bonders as is the annual strategy day but this is likely to only touch the tip of the iceburg. I think an on line forum provides an opportunity for all Impetus members, staff and volunteers, to speak to each other and discuss issues that they consider important.

Maybe it is easier to visualise this by giving some examples.

  • Neighbourhood Care Scheme volunteers could contact each other and actively discuss some on the benefits and difficulties of volunteering. They could give each other tips.
  • It is looking like our Lottery Out and About project bid (more news later) is going to be televised on regional television. We will need thousands of votes to win this. Our internet networking can help spread the word to, not only our immediate community, but to family and friends.
  • we could promote fund-raising initiatives like Everyclick and Froggybank. In fact lets put links to these on this blog.
  • we could get feedback about our services.
  • 60+ members could discuss the consultations that they consider.
  • we could publish news such as our Investors In People accreditation.

I am currently working with Sarah and others on looking at generating corporate sponsorship. Our biggest asset to commercial businesses is going to be our community of contacts. (I will do a separate post on this). We therefore need to build this community through communication.

Blogging is sooooo much cheaper than newsletters. It is more flexible and interactive. We are a long way off using it instead of say the NCS newsletter but that could happen one day.

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