Tumbleweed Moments

Posted on 19th September 2008 by

The blog is currently empty and only tumbleweed is blowing through.

Steve, Naomi, Sarah and Andrew – you are all now blog authors, which means that using your WordPress login you can write new posts and comment on ones that are already there.

What should we talk about on this blog? Maybe…

  1. Questions/thoughts/ideas about why and how we are doing this blog
  2. Stuff about the things you are doing in the projects you work on at Impetus
  3. Stuff about Impetus and the communities we work with
  4. Any questions about how to write posts or make comments on this blog
  5. Stuff about blogging & social networking in general
  6. Anything interesting!

3 responses to this post.

  1. stevelawless says:

    Who posted the comment on an Italian bug?

  2. Impetus Blog Admin says:

    Hi Sarah, yep, I’m totally with you on this one and I’m supposed to understand it!

    I think the problem at the moment is that nobody is posting any real content – in the real world of, say, music blogs somebody would be saying what a doughnut George Michael is and somebody else would be responding to it. Their posts would be tagged with things like ‘George Michael’, ‘Wham’, ‘celebrities’, ‘dr*gs’ etc which people visting the blogs could then search on…. e.g. by viewing all posts with the tag ‘George Michael’.

    Hang in there, Sarah, it will make sense in the end, but to work it needs a community and we don’t currently have one!

  3. hendrickx1 says:

    Looks like its just you and me, Dave!

    I’m still baffled about this whole thing – tagging (who does the tagging, how do you know what to tag? etc.) how we get people to come and read our witty reposts?

    I feel like I need a book about it to give me a big picture view of what its all about. Perhaps I am boggled and excluded by the jargon. I write this not to be self-obsessed, but as a potential visitor to anyone’s blog and need the point selling to me. I sense that once I ‘get it’, I’ll be fine.

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